Pheno parts Bug InGame/editor


I’m stuck in front of a weird issue I can’t understand. I don’t know where to start looking.
It happens only for human female and male

I have body parts that renders normally once placed in the editor. But when looking
at the property window OR in game… it looks different/broken.

These are all set to Parts001

If anyone had any idea where I should start looking for this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

After some wild tests, it appears that if a character on the map is set with Bicep/Forearm or hand 215 from CEP3 (in appearance setting, not armors)… This happens.
As I can’t get rid of 215, I decided to overwrite it with a different armor set (all races, both sex) in my haks.
problem solved.

Just in case someone come across that problem, but I guess this was really specific to my case with both my haks/cep3 compatibility.