Phenotypes, Animations file naming?

Can anyone point me to a complete guide to the naming conventions for phenotypes, models, and their animations and files?

I’m trying to combine several animation sets into a single phenotype now that EE has increased the number of possible custom animations, and I’m not sure if I need to combine the files or if I can have several different files for one phenotype. I’m also struggling to understand exactly how supermodels work. I’d like to be able to switch between the different combat styles in ACP while still keeping the same set of custom animations without having to duplicate all of the files for each phenotype.

I’ve been going through the CCC guide, tutorials from NWN University, and docs from Project Q, but does anyone know of a more complete resource on this specific topic?

I thought the Custom Content Guide explained this quite well in the Animations section?

You can have a hierarchy of supermodels. If an animation occurs in more than one, the version lowest in the chain prevails.

To merge animations in one phenotype implies renumbering. Suppose Custom 10 in phenotype 43 needs to become Custom 21 in phenotype 1. Using a text editor on the decompiled model, copy the code for custom 10 (newanim / endanim) in the phenotype 43 model to the phenotype 1 model, then renumber it as 21.

You could put it in an intermediate level supermodel instead, but I suspect that’s more work.

There are, for example, different supermodels for male and female, which would need changing independently.

The Custom Content Guide is great for getting started, and it explained the basic naming conventions for the files, yes. I also got some good detail from a tutorial in the NWN University collection on how to change an MDL file’s identity. I guess I’m just hungry to understand the “why”, or how the whole system works from a bird’s eye perspective.

Thanks for pointing me back to the CCG, though. I missed a short section where they explained that you can find out which race belongs to which model by checking appearances.2da.

I guess what I was really asking is: is there any docs that I missed? Doesn’t sound like it.