PHOD Psycho-vixen attire with CEP?

I would like to know if there is a way to include the awesome PHOD Psycho-vixen attire ( as armors parts in the CEP, and how would I be supposed to make that work, if it is possible ?

Hi. :slight_smile: There is. General overview: You want to create merged 2da files for the various armourparts.

Extract the 2da files from the CEP top hak, and the PHoD 2das from the PHoD vixen attire hak, then add the lines for the PHoD armourparts to the extracted files using a text editor.

The nwhak utility should be in NWN\utils, or in BeamdogLibrary\00785\util\win32, or in Steam\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\util\win32. TAD uploaded it over here, too, in case you can’t find it.

Put your merged 2das in a custom hak, and place that hak at the very top of your module hak list, so it’ll be last in the load order and override the files in the lower haks.

This way, you’ll have merged the 2da files from two separate packs, and created your own custom top hak.


Thanks so much for your help ! :slight_smile: