Hideously, gruesomely, the Deranged Hyena Loony resurrects and starts throwing disgusting Rubbery Spleen Creatures about and hitting stuff with Big Bricks… Again.

As usual, the Shabby Deluded Hyena Weirdo shall be purveying all manner of twisted nonsense to the Community whether they want it or not. Probably very slowly. Having been away from NWN for some little time, again, I’ve forgotten what stuff I have and have not already plastered onto the Vault and thus am having to rummage about in the rubbish bin to find out. Also not so much free time at present as I thought, ridiculously, that there might be. Free time? I mean, what is that? It’s not even in the book. Anyway, bit by bit, I shall be dragging more of the assorted murky garbage nailed together badly for Demoness Tales etc into the likeness of so-called Haks and pretending they’re legitimate content that will be of the slightest use to anybody but myself and “Fifi”… And now, by the miracle of “Spleenshots”…

Some Spleens! No surprises there. Luce just can’t go ten minutes without engaging in hand to hand combat with the most loathsome and dangerous Rubbery Spleen Creatures available (Vault veterans will recall certain ALIEN vs DEMONESS Incidents!). Of course, she just resorts to over-zealous use of Hellfire if the Spleens are SO filthily slimy she doesn’t want to get too close…
Nobody with any sense (who isn’t an Immortal Infernal Panocidal Maniac) would want to get close to those Sarcovenators, but, Demonesses do as Demonesses are… Aside from Spleens, there’ll be the usual vast piles of over-ambitious Placeable projects and other such debased weirdness.

This will include additional content for all my previous stuff already on the Vault for India, Africa, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, etc as well as new projects such as Lemuria and the Dreamlands… and yes, I do know Egypt is part of Africa, but it’s a completely different cultural ethic, etc, bla, drivel, whinge, mutters darkly, foams at the muzzle, argues vehemently with himself, falls over backwards with improbable velocity… Aaaargh! Freak Undead Animals!

PS:- He hasn’t improved any, if that’s what you were wondering. “Fifi”.


Thought I’d already posted all the ancient Ice Citadel stuff on the Vault - but if I did, it’s absorbed itself or melted or something and vanished. Probably I didn’t actually get around to it and just imagined I had.

So, I’ll have to stick it all in a Big Sack Or Bag at some point and throw it at the Vault, which will likely crush to a paste anything that happens to be under it. Consider this early warning and, when you see a Shabby Hyena Weirdo with a Big Sack or Bag, take cover. I shall accept no liability for Crushed Pastes.
The one good thing about the Ice Citadel is that it allows for screenshots that are not so hideously lurid as those in the above post. (Still a Spleen Creature infestation though).

Coming next, however, is… wait for it… the rubbery, debilitatingly lumpy, not at all horrific horror of The PIGULON!


In the pictures in your first post there is what appears to be a cavern tileset (4th picture). Please consider posting that as I don’t recall seeing that before and I really like the look of it. I don’t care if it’s just a reskin or a completely new tileset. I just think it looks cool. Talking of which ( yes cheesy I know) those ice citadel things look great too.


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That cavern tileset is a PHoD reskin of the BioWare Beholder Caves with ceilings nailed on by rjshae. It’s disgusting, rubbery textures are why it’s labelled as the Spleen Hive Tileset in my Haklist. Generally used for places nauseating Spleen Creatures nest and lurk malevolently.
It’s one of something like ten reskins of the ceilinged Beholder Caves I’ve done, some of them with a few modifications to some of the meshes. Might get round to dumping them all on the Vault in an apocalyptically overstated Big Sack or Bag at some point…
But beware - The Pigulon approacheth!

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Ok, so no one said it yet, really?
Ok, here I go:

P.S. I approve

It’s been mentioned, just not on this resurrected thread.


Well, what were you expecting? Something of unparalleled scope and exquisite artistry? No, this is a rubbish PHoD thread with rubbery whassname stuff. So obviously it’s just going to be a cabal of lumpy, pig-faced baboons who destroy your village if you let them (when they’re not shoving their dirty great noses into the ground in search of truffles).
The Pigulon are not my fault, and I’d just like to make that immediately and fully clear. Janarah poked me with a pointed stick and persuaded me to raise Ugly Pig Brutes by means of some improbable and unsightly voodoo invocations conceivably involving Big Bricks. And as I started making “Ultimate Misshapen Freak PigMen Spleens TM”, as I so sensibly labelled them, darling Fifi came along and renamed them all “Pigulon”. I objected and when she’d finished explaining to me why they had to be called Pigulon by clipping me round the ear a lot, she pointed out that my version was far too damned long for a model name anyway.

So, I got a convenient Rancor to bite the head off one of KotOR’s Gamorreans and applied it to the Half-Orc model and started firmly bashing it with a succession of Big Bricks. This crushed it to a paste and I had to start again. So now the rubbery, pig-faced armpits are hostile, vengeful and embittered and keep invading in a pitifully incompetent way, hell bent on gaining control of the world’s vital truffle trade. And they reek too. Beware! For the Pigulon are coming your way - and they want your truffles!


Further to the above post, here is a clearer view of the Pigulon. Like anybody with even a vestigial aesthetic sense wants a clearer view of these Pungent Porcine Proles, these Horrible Hog-like Honkers, these Rancidly Rampaging Razorbacks, these Bloated Bellicose Boars, these Warring Weirdo Warthogs… Fifi’s told me to just shut up now.



It is with the deepest admiration that I welcome you back to activity!

Our team at uses your Ancient Greece set for our Roman server set in the 3rd century AD and we love it so much we want to marry it.

If you feel like any new stuff in that vein could be Greco-Roman, we certainly would not complain!

Truly yours,

I’ve been adding a few bits and pieces to the Greek stuff. Given the similarities in architecture (at least when dealing with rubbish, low-poly, cardboard cut-outs like these) it would probably just take replacing a few of the more specifically greek textures with something a bit more Roman. If there was anything specific in your mind, send me a PM and let me know. The worst I can do is foam at the muzzle and tip over sideways in a debased way.


I know there was some citadel stuff in the Africa pack (which I’ve been using as the home for my Formorians, well, my one random Formorian model), but these will be appreciated!

and boy do I feel you on that free time thing. I’ve got a whole fricking base for an anomalocaris I came up with an idea to get working in NWN a good 6 months ago and have just done absolutely nothing with

I’ve got an Anomalocaris model done in NWN, but the animations thus far supremely suck. It just floats about like a drongo and then sinks to the seabed randomly every minute or so.
But, on the up side, my Placoderms are coming on nicely.

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My stupid idea for the Anomalocaris was to hook it up to the pseudodragon animations and danglymesh the lobes so the combo of wing flapping and danglymesh created the illusion of the lobes moving properly. Yes, this means it couldn’t use its appendages and would just smack into things to fight, but, its close

Heck yes on placoderms though

Despair! Despair! The Pigulon Invasion is upon us!
Or laugh, instead of despairing, or just shake your head sadly in vague bemusement. But you want to keep a close eye on your truffles, else the Pigulon will try for them. They do that. And they reek too.
Pigulon are available NOW in the following Big Sack or Bag.
Included with the Pigulon models in the above posts, there is also a dynamic Pigulon head so you can have luminous yellow Pigulon in shining armour or whatever other debased variations please you. All fairly nauseating, really. And they reek too, in case I hadn’t mentioned that… NEXT:- A return to the sands of Aegypara (which is not Egypt, honestly.)


Finally some AD&D pOrcs!!!

Downloaded in and tossed into Zagyg’s Dungeon, thank you very much!

Oh and Abiatha Swelter has put the putrescent porcines to work gathering up truffles for the great arch-mage’s dinner of human kidney & truffle pie!


And if it’s not too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be so kind as to decapitate one of the pigulons and save the head as a Miscellaneous Medium item. In that way, I could send the hapless players to their doom, er I mean to bring back the head of Pox (you may recall him from the film Legend).

pOrcs?! Oh, that’s SO tragically lame I think I actually quite like it… As to Items, that would require a simple image, not a mesh, but I imagine it could be done easily enough just by cutting out a Pigulon head from a screenshot and making it an Item image…
And here’s an utterly irrelavant, random image showing what is clearly the ultimate and greatest Shield in NWN, said the Rabid Hyena Object in a wholly unbiased way, immediately going back to scrawling Hyenas on everything else in sight…


Aegypara was coming next, but I’ve been slightly sidetracked to the 3rd century Roman Empire instead as Pliny the Elder requested some defensive structures and, on the assumption that NOT being invaded by filthy, unwashed barbarian hordes of Ostrogoths, Visigoths and any other kind of Goths is a good thing, I have commenced hitting stuff with bricks… Unless it was a horde of Goths as in stylish girls in black leather, lace and fishnet, I wouldn’t mind being invaded by them… aaaargh! (Fifi just thumped me).
Based on restored structures at the Xanten Roman archaeological site in Germany, I’ve started with the main Gatehouse of what the Romans probably called Colonia Ulpia Traiana… or not, for all I know. Maybe the town’s sanitation was rubbish and they all just jocosely called it Latrinium or something…

That’s what the Gate actually looks like. And here’s the rubbish PHoD version - not finished, obviously. It’s just so’s Pliny the Elder and their Praetorian Area Builders can see what’s going on.

Obviously it’s not textured or anything… or if it is, it’s texured for use in a bad winter. A really, really bad winter… an Ice Age maybe…


Looking good.

FWIW here is a picture of the still standing remains of the 3rd century North gate (today called the Newport Arch) of Lindum Colonium (modern day city of Lincoln, UK). One thing to note is that the level of the ground has risen since it was built as evidenced by the fact that the pedestrian part of the gate now has a cutting to enable people to use it. Also it has had to be repaired a number of times as lorries have collided with it on a number of occasions.

Probably the worst collision (so far) was back in 1964 -


Totally awesome. As the main builder for The Rhine i can only say this will surely help providing the people of Colonia Ulpia Traiana a false sense of security!