Suddenly, horrifyingly, textures were applied…

By means of hitting with big bricks anything that came within range - and lobbing big bricks with ballistae at anything that was further afield, the Shabby Hyena Weirdo has now more or less completed the construction of Defensive Gates, Walls and Towers more or less accurate-ish to those of the Roman site at Xanten.

As well as the whopping Gate, there are two Wall sections, one long, one short, and two Towers, one ‘solid’ and one with an archway (see above) for the access of minor roads… (They’re Romans, remember - never attempt anything without sufficient roads.) All archways are walkable.

A sprinkling of not very authentic Romans are provided so that you can judge scale. Precise sizes of structures are estimated from images and a Xanten site plan which brilliantly had no actual scale on it.
Thanks are due to my mother however, for some useful guidance and measurements from other similar Roman sites. My mother’s the historian of this family, I’m a zoologist and thus more familiar with grappling animals who do not wish to be studied than I am peering at pot shards and thus gaining unbelievable insight into how the pot’s owner lived a thousand years earlier. Me, I just say they were damned careless with their pots.

Inner sides of the Walls are a bit more interesting than the outer. Inner sides of Gate and non-archway Tower have doors for legionaries to go in and out of… or they could if the doors actually opened, which they don’t, but…
Probably nobody’s noticed - especially given the repugnantly low quality, crushed to a paste jpegs seen here - that there are no doors leading out from Gatehouse or Towers onto the Wall walks. I did put them on, but they proved to be a hideous impediment to placing Walls and Towers exactly how I wanted them in the Toolset. So I ripped them off again, stamped on them and threw them away. Having to line up the Walls exactly to the doors limited the way the Placeables could be used considerably. And besides, nobody’s likely to ever notice - or wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t just drawn colossal amounts of attention to said portalesque deficiency.

Tested all walkmeshes by the unsightly and undignified means of throwing myself madly at solid Walls and, to nobody’s surprise, bouncing off again like a rubbery whassname. The archways all work for the going in and out of. I may make a few minor chages and there’s at least one texture I want to hit with a giant brick. But, essentially, the basic defensive structures of a Roman town are done and I’m sure even Trajan himself would approve - if not, I’ll push his own Column over onto him.

Shall make final tests and then dump them all into an unfeasibly massive kind of Big Sack or Bag and nail them to the Vault in the likeness of a big heap. Then you can see if they’re any damn use to you at all.


Much salivation, gawking and flailing of the arms commenced with the reception of the images! This is some really top quality stuff and we are thankful to doom, plushness, and hyenas in particular…!!!

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I’ll assume that salivation, gawking and flailing of arms was properly directed at the Roman structures and not at the cute Planar individual in the foreground?
And now, the Deluded Shabby Hyena Weirdo presents… a very small Hak with some Towers and stuff in.

And you can seize upon it, should you wish to do so, here:-
Rhine:NWN team:- The Xanten site does have some slightly curved Walls at the corners. I’ve done no curved walls 'cause it jacks the time and effort involved up something chronic, given the little peaked capstones on the castellations and such. And given that I’m not actually building your Areas and can’t therefore determine precisely what angle of curve you might ideally want on a Wall if you did want such. Since I don’t know exactly how you’ll be building the Ulpia Areas or precisely how rabidly historically accurate you’re aiming to be, I don’t know if these Placeables will do the complete job, just the way you want. Let me know if there’s any screamingly desperate problem… Have fun.


Thank you so much. this is absolutely perfect.
Now I can break down these absolute unhistorical walls and replace them with historical ones for the not so historical Colonia Ulpia Traiana.

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I see what Pliny the Elder meant regarding my Ancient Greek buildings. Seem to be quite a few of them crammed in there…
Hard to tell from so distant a view, but, do they still have the Greek textures I gave them? If so, it’d take me about ten minutes to hit those textures that have specifically Greek designs with a Big Brick and replace the specifically Greek trims and bits with something more generic and potentially Roman?
Any use to you?


They still have the Greek textures, and yes it would be very useful to have them look more Roman.
That is until my barbarian hordes will burn them down!

We would appreciate a more Roman look very much though.

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Squitty PHoD Additions…
Rhine:NWN Team (and anyone else who may be interested):- Firstly, a very small and subtle override for the PHoD Ancient Greece Set to make it more generically Greco-Roman… Here, you see a lump of ancient Greek building with the standard Greek textures…

And here’s the same bit of building ten seconds later, having been hit with a very small and subtle brick.

All the specifically and definitively Greek trims were located on three textures, so the override just alters those three. Small and subtle, as I say, but it will stop your players asking why Roman buildings have Greek patterns on them.
Get them on the Roman Vault Page now…
And also…
Grymlorde (and anyone else who doesn’t like Pigulon):- Haven’t forgotten your request for a Severed Pigulon Head Inventory Icon. I just let Luce near the Pigulon and severed heads can now be obtained on the Pigulon Vault Page… and on the floor… and in the garden… and in cupboards and down the back of the sofa and in buckets and hanging from trees and… etc, etc, ad infinitum.

Very difficult to get Luce to stop cutting heads off things once she’s got started…


As I was saying, regarding Aegypara - before a load of Romans and Pigulon got at me…

For those who are new or have forgotten, the non-Egyptian Egyptian stuff that is Aegypara was explained millions of years ago here… PHoD World Tour of Africa
Probably enough NEW non-Egyptian Egyptian stuff to merit an Update to the Aegypara Vault Page.

This so-called Update thing will include more temples, palaces and other farcically proportioned structures, but will also contain some smaller buildings, little houses and shrines and stuff, just to prove that not every building in Aegypara is gigantic.

Naturally, of course, despite having all the new stuff piled in a pile ready to be placed in a sort of Big Sack or Bag and thus thrown instantly at the Vault - I appear to have lost the folder. But I know the little polyp’s hiding amidst a plethora of other near identical beige blobs somewhere. Mangy polyp. It cannot and will not escape justice! No, not justice, um, capture! Yes, capture, that’s what it won’t escape.

So, er, coming very soon.


Brilliantly, with an uncanny skill bordering upon the pathologically rubbish, having found the Aegypara Update stuff and put it in a Hak - I’ve now managed to completely forget to bring it over here with me and thus cannot post it… (Still don’t have the Internet on my own computer at home, nor am I likely to).

So, here’s a few more screenshots, which were already over here anyway. Next time I emerge from my Murky Lair into the outer world, I will remember to bring the cursed Hak with me and nail it firmly to the Vault. No, really, I will.

The assorted Aegypara-specific Rubbery Spleen Creatures, which should really be on the Aegypara Vault page, have already been thrown into the stupidly huge pile of Creature models for the upcoming Spleen Creatures 3 release and so I’ll probably just leave them there rather than risk confusing myself any further than I already am by my own less than efficient working practice of attempting to always do ten things at once, preferably including at least four ridiculously complicated and over-ambitious projects… actually, might be more than ten at present…

Anyway, for anyone using the Aegypara stuff, you shall soon have a further selection of buildings and whassnames and sort of obscure beige things, not really sure what those are, but they were in the box with the rest. Could be some sort of fossilized goat. Or something a bit like a fossilized goat if viewed from the correct angle…
I don’t like goats. They smell of vegetable.

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Right. I’ve caught up with the little kumquat-shaped Plangleklep and put it in a Sort of Big Sack or Bag and brought it over here with me this time.

Thus, there is now an Update file for the Aegypara Set for the two or three individuals in any way interested. Though there are some big impressive buildings, including the biggest one yet for Aegypara, the Ultimate Royal Palace Thing, it helps mostly by adding some smaller, grubbier buildings, you know, stuff ordinary, normal, average Aegyparan citizens might actually live in, since more or less everything else is giant temples and pyramids and architectural monstrosities of gelatinously overstated dimensions.
And there are those damned fossil goats again!

Three Things must ye know of ye Update Hak!
One. It requires the original Aegypara Hak to work, since the new stuff requires some of the old textures, and I haven’t duplicated them, the Update only containing the new textures.
Two. The Update has a new 2da compatible with the original Aegypara Hak, so just override the old 2da with the new one OR, cut out lines 906 to 921 and add them to whatever Master 2da you added all the other Aegypara stuff to, then throw the new models and textures, etc, in the same place.
Three. There is NO third thing.

Get all the (non)-Egyptian Egyptian stuff HERE:


Further to Vivienne’s thread, regarding the transformation of the small buildings in Zwerkules’ 1001 Arabian Nights Tileset into Placeables…
Showing enormous good taste… er… showing enormous Utter Desperation, Vivienne poked the Shabby Deluded Hyena Item with a sharp stick - well, actually quite a polite, blunt stick really - and so, inevitably, things have been Hit with Big Bricks… Kali alone knows if any of them were in any way relevant or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So, having poked Zwerkules with a stick in turn and been given ye olde proverbial green-light… which was actually a faded turquoise… PHoD has savagely attacked the small, defenceless dwellings, tearing all their insides out, filling in all their doorways with unrealistic doors, tweaking meshes, changing a few textures and sundry other such activities.
The result of this mad hurling of bricks at anything that moved and a fair few things that didn’t - and certainly won’t ever again - is a set of Placeable Buildings for any desert environment…
OR - you could put them in the middle of a JUNGLE!

Of course, they look decidedly out of place, become rapidly overgrown and get infested with the mandatory Slimy Rubbery Spleen Creatures. I can now put the desert dwellings in an icy tundra, inside caverns, aboard space stations, under the ocean, anywhere I please in my god-like omnipotence! Bwaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Sorry, went a bit mad there.
No - wait! I already WAS mad… So, yes, you too will be able to put these buildings anywhere - no matter how farcically out of place they look! And Demoness Tales being what it is, some of them doubtless will end up in highly unlikely places…
Your chance to put them in stupid places will come in a few days, once Luce has finished applying a cloven hoof to the walkmeshes and PHoD has come back out from beneath the table.


Rrrrgh… On the run, at the moment, and sort of flitting between things like an infeasibly massive and unlikely Moth or something… But, I should have these desert dwellings in a Big Sack or Bag on the Vault tomorrow. With any luck.


The green light came from my thumb.

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Luminous green radiant thumbs…?
Have you been fiddling with those unstable isotopes - again?

The green thumb comes with the job and there’s no radiation involved.

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And now, it’s…

Yes, I know the Goat was singularly obvious there, but if I asked you to SPOT the GRAIN of SAND, a certain amount of inevitable confusion would arise as to which damn near microscopic granule was the one you were supposed to be spotting. Anyway, besides spotting Goats, which you can all do to your heart’s content here, these images allegedly show rubbery Desert Dwellings.

Actually, they’re not very rubbery. Not like the Goat, which is repulsively spongy and baggy and rubbery. And it smells bad too. And it’s a pathological kleptomaniac.
But all that about the Goat is supremely irrelevant. And you don’t win any prizes whatsoever for spotting the malodorous little heap either.

Which makes you wonder what the incentive is for Professional Goat Spotters. Assuming there’s any such thing as those… What? What do you mean you couldn’t spot the Goat in the last image? Um… umm… No, in fact, actually, yes, there is a Goat there, but… but it’s HIDING! It is, in fact, um… BENEATH the building and thus crushed to a paste because, as these are Placeable Buildings, they can be placed very swiftly and if you place them where inattentive Goats are hanging around, not paying attention, you can place the buildings ON the Goats. Which helps to pass the time.

Anyway, the Buildings, with smeared Goats on them, are now available in a sort of Big Sack or Bag - here… assuming I can recall how to paste links to things…
I have no idea if that works or not… so… if not, here’s another near interchangeable picture in which you can… SPOT the GOAT! Again.

Anyway, thus concludes hitting Zwerkules’ buildings with Big Bricks and throwing them at Goats. Or hitting them with Goats and throwing them at Big Bricks. I forget which.
More from PHoD just as soon as… Rrrrrgh! Just as soon as I’ve perfected Goat-Be-Gone Spray!


Yooo, welcome back mate. Been a spell and a half

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I’ve been… er… hibernating. Or something.

Nice to see you. Hope all is well!

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Suddenly, horrifyingly, the Shabby Hyena Weirdo resurrects - yet again!
Unwisely, someone has poked PHoD with a stick once more, which means more rubbery Desert Things will be shortly tipped onto the Vault in a big, unsightly heap.

Ooh, look - rocks! Yes, this time the pristine sands are being despoiled by a load of rubbish, low-poly PHoD Big Bricks… er… No. No, they’re actual, proper erosion-based desert terrain features and not just Big Bricks at all. A bit…
Such variety as you have never before imagined; large Rocks, small Rocks, medium-sized Rocks, tall Rocks, squat Rocks, spiky Rocks, flat Rocks, arched Rocks… um… Hm, yes; it’s all just Rocks basically…

But - there will also be the not actually particularly exciting extravaganza of some Desert Plants as well as Rocks! Note how there are Rock Arches to enhance the otherwise somewhat boring Bioware Desert Cliffs. And, being Placeable Rocks, you can place them anywhere, yes, even directly on top of that vehemently irksome Cursed Camel that keeps trying to gob on you - that’ll teach it a lesson! Or would if it hadn’t crushed to a pungent paste beneath two hundred tons of solid rock.

So, you can very soon expect swarms of largely very spiky and unfriendly Desert Plants and a million tons of Big Bricks - I mean Desert Rocks, ranging from mountains to pebbles, all lovingly hand-eroded by PHoD with a strong, hot wind, trillions of grains of finest quality abrasive sand and, naturally, Big Bricks.
Many more exciting Rocks to come. And a few other things. Watch this space. Or not, if you’re some sort of deviant petrophobe and thus don’t like Rocks.