PIA Personal Impossibility Mod for NWN2

Ive tried everything I can think of to get this mod to work. Can any of you take a look at it? I tried unpacking the files into a clean override folder and that doesnt work. Im on the latest patch. Nothing should be conflicting. Can anyone help?

uhh, it should “just work” after unzipping the archive to \Override (and deleting the TonyK_v22 folder if you’re not using Tony’s AI – but even if that is not sorted out it should still just work) as long as “DIFF_MOD” in the 2da is set to “1”

also set “Debug” to “1” for confirmation.

The principle of the mod is that it overrides the stock OnSpawn script that the vast majority of nonParty creatures use (nw_c2_default9). If a creature doesn’t use that spawnscript, the mod fallsback on trying the creature’s OnHeartbeat script (which is usually nw_c2_default1). And if that fails no adjustments will be made to the creature’s stats.

but that’s rare …