Pit Fiend Problems

I’m using the Pit Fiend from the NWN 2 conversion by Txpple. https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwnee/model/nwn2-nwnee-conversion-pit-fiend Looks great but is crashing my game and is displaying peculiar lighting anomalies intermittingly.
Does anyone have any xp with this sort of thing? The game will only crash when the pit fiend is “on screen”, but not always.
The same can be said of the conversion project for the balor model. I know there are settings in the nvdia control panel. Don’t know if they would “do” anything to remedy this? I’m afraid Im ignorant when it comes to all of the settings. Anyway, if you know how to fix this, I’m all ears…

Just to be sure - you are using EE, right?

It’s unlikely that NVidia settings will cause just these models to malfunction - better look for root causes in the models themselves.

Yeah. I’m using EE.
Right now my project is on the front page of the vault as authored by"Zephirius".

I posted a link for this thread on Discord so that Txpple would see it. He hasn’t posted yet, but some of the other Discord folks are discussing it. Sounds like an issue with lightmapping parameters being ported over from NWN2 - EE doesn’t support those.

Your best chance at resolution is talking with the creator directly so you might want to hop on the Vault Discord. Discord

Is there a way to link directly to the thread? I’m afraid I’m new to discord and am a little lost in the weeds. I can’t find it.

Goto the “custom_content” channel. You’ll see Txpple’s reply at 11:05 pm on 4/26.

Whenever I enter custom_content, I just get a bunch of servers, none of which have anything to do with neverwinter. lol
I’m sorry Pstemaire, I’m about ready to throw in the towel - I can’t for the life of me, navigate to Txpple. or anything to do with neverwinter except 2 servers: Arileth and Nordock.
I’m not even warm. Am I? Lol

Hi! Just send me a DM on discord at Matthew (Txpple)

In the alternative, first try to sign up to the Discord server with this invite link, Neverwinter Vault

then look to find us on the “custom-content” channel