Placeable - change to usable, is it possible?

Is there a way through scripting to make a placeable to be usable - to change the “Usable?” under Behaviour from False to True? I can’t find any function that does this, so maybe it’s not possible…

//RWT-OEI 03/27/07
//Set a placeable as being useable, i.e., something the player can
//click on to interact with.
// oPlaceable: The placeable object to change the flag on. Does not
//             work on static placeables.
// nUseableFlag: Whether or not the placeable should be useable
void SetUseableFlag( object oPlaceable, int nUseableFlag );

Thanks for the reply Aqvilinus. I spelled “useable” wrong when I searched for it in the functions list, that’s why I didn’t see that there was a function for this. :expressionless:

Can’t you make it usable but wrap it in a transparent collision box? I think that would prevent the cursor change or highlight during a mouse-over. Once you’re ready, remove the box.

Well, maybe I could do that. I’ve used the invisible collision box before, but in this case the placeable isn’t highlighted when moving the mouse over, if the Usable is set to False, so I don’t need that. It works perfectly now.

And another thing I noticed now is that I did in fact spell “Usable” correctly. It’s the function that has spelled it wrong. English is not my native language so I couldn’t be sure, but under Behaviour it does indeed say “Usable” and not “Useable”, and when looking it up that’s the correct spelling. However, for some reason the function is called SetIsUseable. Weird.


Well, I agree with you, It would be more logical to call it SetUsableFlag, but according to the Oxford dictionary useable is also grammatically correct.

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Unfortunately, the only workaround I have come up with is to destroy the original unusable version and bring in a new copy of the object edited already to be usable.

Ah, didn’t know about that. So you can use both spellings then? Interesting. Well, I wish I had known when searching for the function. :slightly_smiling_face:

Really? For me it worked great. I have a couple of rocks that I wanted to first be unusable and then to be usable. I just made this simple script and put that in a conversation, and it worked splendidly (or maybe I missunderstood your post, Mannast?) :

void main()

object oRocks = GetObjectByTag("PLC_NL_ROCKFCE01");

int nUsable;



I think you may be right. I shouldn’t type stuff like that without going into the toolset and trying it.

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