Placeable models in toolset not showing?

Hoi there, Crone here.

Not certain if this was a recent update, but I had checked the toolset to find that there were a number of unrecognized placeables in the Standard listing (i.e., Gaming - Card 01, Black; Bat Statue; various fissures, etc…), and upon examining these placeables I realized they were dependent on tm_* models.

I can only assume that means Tyrants of Moonsea.

So, I repaired my game files, looked into the hak folder where the game proper is stored, tried implementing those haks as Custom Content. Nothing. I have no idea how to access these lovely new models! :sweat_smile:

I take to the forums, then, in search of someone who can help fix my dumb. What am I missing in this case?

I eagerly await your reply/scolding/lecture!


Make sure your module is not using a custom placeables.2da.

If it is, you’ll need to update it with the new placeable lines from the EE update.


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Are these in the 15000+ range of placeables.2da?

If so, it’s a bug, which may be fixed in Development Build 8193.17 if I’m reading the patch notes correctly.

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Hahhh, I am not very smart. I am not certain why I didn’t remember I added additional placeables before having issues with placeables. I might need a nap.

Thanks, @Fester_Pot. I’ll fix that up, modify the new placeables.2da, and hopefully everything will be shipshape!

(It’s funny because…Tyrants of…Moonsea… Ugh. Coffee necessary.)

Thanks for reaching out again, @Proleric! Looks like there was a failure between keyboard and seat… :sweat_smile: I should probably be reading the patch notes more regularly anyway, huh?