Placeable not static

I’ve got a simple question. If a placeable is not set to either Static, Walkable or Usable…Why is Static really needed? If it’s not set to either of these it is by default static, is it not? Walkable and Usable is logical to me why they exist, but the Static…My guess is there’s probably a very logical explanation for this though.

If it is static, then it is uneffected by scripts. non-static objects can be destroyed.

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Ah, ok. Thanks.

Also keep in mind that “walkable” doesn’t mean walkable. It means “walkthrough-able” , I gotta tell ya that cause me all kinda like “why is this even here” type things too.

I’m not sure as this goes back a long time but I think you can destroy some static objects because I had a lot of trouble with tables covered in environment objects getting blown up by spells and leaving the objects on top floating, so I had to make them plot objects as well as static.

I wouldn’t have changed anything on the original tables as I just put them there without knowing anything about other properties ( other than that they can be environment or placeable objects ) and they’re set as static by default.

Actually, you’re right. At least in NWN1, you can destroy the object and it will be gone for purpose of the script, but you will still see it on screen - the visual doesn’t get reset because it is static and takes less memory (I think). I think if you leave the area and come back, the destroyed object is not redrawn.