Placeable problem

Ok, I think I’m going crazy. I need a certain placeable in my module. I’m trying to use the Trophy Cup and I saw that it was tintable (kind of). It is however way too dark for my opinion. I want it to look like a golden chalice. Then I found another tintable one (I think) in @kamal 's various placeables pack:

At least there seems to be one in one of the pictures that is a bit more tintable than then stock one in the toolset. However, when downloading this pack and putting it in my override (and removing my own placeables.2da temporarily) and open the toolset to find this other trophy cup, I find nothing. It says there are supposed to be blueprints of these items, but I can see no new blueprints in the toolset. So I thought, fine, I’ll just see if I can find the appearance in the list of appareances and add that to my custom chalice, but I find nothing new there either. What am I doing wrong? Is there another golden chalice/cup somewhere that you can download? Kamal has done a great many packs, but looking at pictures this pack above is the only one where I found something similar to the Trophy Cup.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!

I managed to find the problem. Again I had managed to have two placeables.2da files that conflicted with each other. This time there actually was a reason for it (which I won’t go into here). I found the appearance I was looking for, but when looking up close it wasn’t a trophy cup but some sort of water pipe it seemed, so I can’t use that. However, after a bit more searching I found some Witcher placeables with a cup that looks quite like what I was looking for so I’ll use that instead.