Placeable water *blocks* rather than *planes*?

NWN1 Aurora toolset.

All the water placeables I’ve found in the official modules – and CEP – are simply 2D horizontal planes. Are there any 3D placeable water blocks that have depth (heh, heh) as well as breadth and width?

The reason I ask is because if a PC is ‘underwater,’ manipulating the camera view fairly quickly reveals that everything looks the same as usual, and that the water is just a plane hovering overhead. I’m looking for a degree of coloured opacity, like a fog effect, so a 3D water block would be perfect.

I lack the skills to actually create placeables myself. :roll_eyes:


Not sure but Sunjammer’s TileMagic System water pre-fabs might be the solution. At any rate you might like to take a look.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!