Placeables As Monsters

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I note that the monsters also include a “siege tower”. Now this will probably do what I need, but I wanted to know if I can change the placeable to a model that I would like to use instead?

Is it an easy process, or is it more complex because “models” and “skeleton” files involved? i.e. Do placeables already come with these file types which I can add to the appearance.2da to give myself more placeable monster options?

Thanks in advance, Lance.

You unfortunately can’t just put random placeables in the creature appearance list and use it as a creature, there’s no skeleton for the placeable model.

Rjshae probably know the most about doing what you want.

I would try using the siegetower, making it completely invisible, and attaching whatever placeable model you want as a model vfx (attached at the null node in the vfx properties) on the siegetower. Even if that works there wouldn’t be a any animations for the placeable.

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Hi Kamal,

That’s what I thought. Thanks for confirming. I have a couple of ideas for a workaround too.

At the moment though I have some weird issues going on that I am hoping others can confirm are not just me … Serious Issues

Thanks again, Lance.

You can set animations to play for model VFX (by setting the skeleton and its animation), though you won’t be able to change the animation without removing the VFX and applying another one

Hi CromFr,

Sounds interesting, but I never have any joy working with animations, so they are a no-go area for me. (I don’t understand half of what you explained.) :frowning:

Also, at the moment, I am unable to proceed at anything due to issues I am currently experiencing. Hopefully, I will resolve that sooner than later.


Well I don’t think it’s that complicated once you’ve figured out how to do it. You already have the skeleton and animation available, so you only need to mess with the meshes. But that part can be time-consuming. You will need to do something called “weight painting”, in which you assign weights (scalar values) to the different mesh parts that determine how much they are influenced by various parts of the skeleton.

Thus, for example, the left ankle of the model is heavily weighted toward the left ankle of the skeleton (say 80% or more), but it might also be influenced to a lesser degree by the left foot and the lower left leg (say up to 10% each). You have to go over the model applying different skeleton weights, then normalize them (so they add up to 100% on each vertex). Once that’s done, you need to export in FBX format, then use the nwn2mdk tool to convert it to a NWN2-format mesh file.

Thus far I’ve only done it for helms and boots. A full creature model would be more work, depending on how complicated the skeleton gets. Something like the animated wagon is only a few bones, so that should be easier to remap.

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Hi rjshae,

“Time consuming” … OK, maybe it is something I can look at in the future when I feel like there is less to do with what I currently have to do … and I can give it more concentration.

As a side question (to which you may know the answer), is there any reason why such a model would NOT cast a spell. E.g. Can I have a siege tower cast a magic missile as an immobile “creature”? I am actually using the Portal_RDS “creature” as an immobile creature that is meant to cast spells, but I cannot get it to do so.

I even tried using a human that I know can cast spells, and changed its appearance to a Living Portal in the properties, but it did not work. I even added the “still” and “silenced” metafeats and the appropriate type spell, but it would not cast.

Basically, is there something in an appearance “model” that prevents spell casting?

Thanks in advance, Lance.

Is this a fake spell? I’m wondering about satisfying the spell requirements. Perhaps a spell requires a casting hook point, which the model does not have? Maybe the lack of a casting animation has something to do with it? I don’t know for certain.

No, basically, I have an NPC that I know does cast “normal” spells fine, but as soon as I change their appearance to “Living Portal”, they no longer cast spells. Although, with some further testing, I believe I managed to have the spell cast if I allowed the “portal” appearance object to move (rather than be “immobile”, which it was). Although, it has been hit and miss. That’s why I included the “Still” metafeats on the object as well, and added meta versions of the spell, in case that had any bearing. Did not work though. :frowning:

I will continue testing with variations and let you know if I have any success.

EDIT: In further testing, it appears any creature set to “immobile” cannot cast spells. :frowning: I was not aware of this, as I believe they can use equipment in other testing. EDIT 2: BUT I just had success when I set the walkrate to NONE! Yeh!

Thanks, Lance.

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