Placing Non accesible placeables/cretures on tileset

I would like to place a boat with skipper on it with cargo in cave river complex. But i went into a trouble. Cave water tileset is not suitable for it as for error as non accessible tileset.

Is there a way to do it propperly or is it possible to do it?

You can put placeables wherever you like.

The problem is that creatures can only be placed on a walkable tile.

Possible solutions:

  • Placeable skipper (there are some human models in CEP 2, for example) - you can talk to them, but not touch them or the cargo
  • Walkable water provides 10 x 10 walkable / swimable tiles for certain tilesets
  • Tile magic allows you to overlay walkable tiles with a transparent water placeable
  • Replace the walkmesh for the tile in question - copy from a flat tile in the same tileset

None of these are entirely satisfactory.

In a perfect world, remodel the walkmesh for the tileset in question so that it does exactly what you want - very difficult unless you have 3d modelling skills.

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You could make the NPC model into a placeable, or alternatively visually transform them out to the location you want on the boat with ObjectVisualTransform scripting command (although they’d still be in their original location for the purposes of clicking on them etc.)

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Its solution, the walkable water, because I need it only for purposes of atmosphere, seing guys shipping cargo over water.

Can I as lowgrade begginer builder implement this easier way in my module via merging haks? Like the hak of this walkablewater developer and my other hak via 2da file? In my config hak, the ruling hak?

Walkable Water has a readme.txt which explains the procedure, which isn’t too complicated.

The tiles provided are for City Exterior and Rural, though.

If you want to use a different tileset, you’ll need to make a new tile from one of those.

In simple cases, it can be done with a text editor. The tile consists of a transparent water plane and a bed plane. You need to adjust the height and texture of both planes to match the other water tiles in the target tileset.

However, some of the more modern tilesets, such as Castle Exterior, Rural, are not so easy to modify, it seems.

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