Play Tester Needed

I was so impressed with Travus’ other “Unofficial” patches, I asked him to help me rehabilitate one of my favorite modules, The Last of the Dana’an.

If you’ve played it, you are probably aware that the scripts used to manage the large scale battles failed to fire all too often. That either left the PC in a battle that never ended or the battle would just stop without advancing the plot.

Travus has graciously provided an override with new scripts to fix the three most common failures.

I went into the blueprints and fixed a number of minor errors that the author never got around to and updated the stores as needed. I added a few other items to make the middle game a little more logical as well.

Finally I fixed some of the conversations correcting grammar mistakes, typos, and in a couple of case the results of some scripts.

So now I need one or two brave souls who have not been staring at this for a month to see if I messed anything up.

I’ve tested it with Travus fixes so I know they work. That still leaves my edits in need of a playthrough.

PM me if interested and I’ll give you the link.


One of my favorites . . . I’ll give it a try if you need it.

Don’t delete your save games right away. If you have time, I may ask you to check my Walk Through doc and my Hints, Tips, and Cheats doc against your actual game to see if I missed anything important.