Player Character to Toolset Blueprint

Is there some way to import a PC into the Toolset?

I use leto. It is not the best for spells and inventory however.

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Yes, but its more work than simply remaking them. You copy the character.ros file out of your save folder, then you open it in GFF editor. The very first piece of data to edit is TopLevelStruct - change it to:

Then save it. Then change the file extension to .UTC. Then you can drag it into your module/campaign folder and the toolset will see it. Note that the gear might not read, so you’ll have to manually delete the bad entries from every inventory slot. Also, as is the case with many campaign specific NPC’s, the appearance might be off, and they might have non-standard scripts, which can play all sorts of hell with your scripting unless you go in and change those too.

I did this a few times, and then just found out it was quicker to re-make the characters from scratch in the toolset using the old ones as a tmeplate.


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