Player Guild System - SOLVED

Alright, I decide to ask the forum for help as I cannot seem to figure this out. Perhaps you guys can help me and stop my ignorance :wink:

So I installed this system:

I generally like the system but during installation I stumble upon something that greatly confuses me.

Open a module with which you would like to incorporate this system in.
Import the file ‘PGS_Import.erf’ which came with the download. Note: You can safely ignore the missing resources error you will receive when trying to import.
Select from the menu at top: Edit -> Module Properties -> Events.
Edit the OnActivateItem event script, and add the following line of code inside your void main():
ExecuteScript (GetResRef (GetItemActivated()), GetItemActivator());
Note: This code will execute a script based on the ResRef of the item that was activated (pgs_item_journal in this case). You may need to make changes to this based upon how your mod handles activated items (i.e. using TAGS instead).

For reference, I’ve listed the TAG and RESREF names for the ‘Guild Journal’ item:
TAG: PGS_Item_Journal
RESREF: pgs_item_journal

So, I did that but the resref line did not work. But I am a bit confused how to turn it into a tagbased line…so if anyone can help me out that be great :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!