Player Merchant Stalls for PW

Hi there,

I’ve seen these things on Arelith and a couple other servers, but I’ve not been able to find a prefab that I could tear apart to learn from. I’m wondering if someone might have such a snippet or a general idea of how I’d go about making it.

The goal is that a player rents a placable merchant stall, puts the items in the store, sets prices for their items and then later can come collect the coin from sales and if they don’t interact with the store in a given amount of time, they no longer ‘own’ the store.

I have ideas of how this could be done-- put the items in a container, give the player a text command to set the price of a targetted item, then just write the items to a database along with their price.

But I’ve never done database stuff, so I thought I could learn from an example.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated!

You might check out Craftable Merchant Dialogs for some inspiration.