Player's chosen deity,,,

I know at character creation and when I am editing a character that I created, I can see and/or change the deity set for that particular character…But, what I was wondering, is how to see the characters selected deity in game…I would have assumed just the character sheet, but I cant seem to find it listed there or anywhere in game ?

As far as I know you can’t see it in game (at least not without custom scripting/content).

You can write a script using GetDeity().

The deity is not used in the OC, so no surprise you don’t see it in game. The field was provided for custom modules, in the spirit of fully implementing D&D concepts in the toolset, but I’ve only seen one or two that use it.

Thanks for the replies and clarifying this for me !!

…Too bad, it isnt a part of the core game. I know some modules, that I downloaded from the vault make use of your chosen diety, and was wondering where that info was in game. I remember making use of the Boon of Lathander (if i recall correctly) in Baldurs Gate…and it was fun having that extra feature.