Playing NWN1 without the Original Discs

Does anyone know of a way to play NWN without the original CDs? my new laptop doesn’t have a cd rom drive. I was able to copy the discs to an thumb drive and install the game onto the laptop. But the game will not start and I get an error window that says: No CD/DVD-Rom drive found.

Any advice (besides get an external CD Rom drive). Is there a work around?
Thank you.

Hmm. I didn’t mean to delete my previous reply. Just wanted to add a link to the critical rebuild patch:

I’d try updating the game with the linked patch. Note that it is available for other language versions if English isn’t the right one for you.

You’ll still need your CD Key though.


You can copy the installed Neverwinter Nights folder from your old computer, using the same method you used for your documents - cloud, USB stick or whatever.

IIRC the Critical Rebuild will then update the registry correctly.

Thank you the patch was wexactly what I needed!