Please put a link to NIT on the front page

The number of times I seem to have to point people to the Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool - NIT in order to simplify their module installation woes, is becoming beyond a joke. If it was included in that list that contains CEP and Project Q, perhaps I wouldn’t have to so much. After all the HD art pack is there, so why not NIT?



@Fester_Pot i summon you

He’s too confused to be summoned.

Banners of the sort are author requested and sent with their own banner that match the appropriate required size. I don’t make the banners myself, just put them up there.

An idea for the name?

Nights of NIT.


I have been waiting for @Surazal to chime in anyway as I figured they would have the last word on if they wanted it.


@Tarot_Redhand many thanks for proposing this.

I would be very proud to have the Installer Tool on the home page.

Not very good with images, so very open to any suggestions.

As the rest of those banners seem to be 153 x 33, there’s not a lot to play with but I’ve had a go. First thing to do is to select a font…


Nice but nah (too me :smile_cat:)


Again interesting but once reduced in size…

So I’ve ended up with a couple to consider - RC1


or RC2





RC 1 looks great - nice and clear. However, might be better to actually have “Installer Tool” rather than NIT, because people probably won’t know what NIT is. Here is my attempt…

Vault Logo


I vote for RC2. In my opinion, it would fit fine to the others.

Another attempt at clarity that should fit with the other logos…

Vault Logo 2

MIT! :slight_smile:

(I tried to submit just the above line but the site popped up a thing that said “body unclear; is it a complete sentence?” with just an okay button so it was apparently not allowed even though I think it’s perfectly clear…seems broken.)

@Surazal Using your image, I did a few minor image edits and came up with this. I think it blends with the other ones on the front page better. Still your text in the font you chose. I just added a gradient that still uses your yellow and changed the background from black to dark blue.


@meaglyn From your description it looks like you tried to use an image when text was expected. My guess is you needed something like this (warning may not be right)

</body></html><body><a href=""><img style="border: 0px solid ; width: 153px; height: 33px;" alt="" title="NIT" src="file:///./MIT.png"></a><br>

note the file:/// part expects a full source address immediately after it.


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Hello everyone it’s Dustin.

Just posting to say that, in a strictly allegorical way, this scratches a lot of itches for me.

I agree that a sidebar banner (perhaps even a news item when it’s ready) is a great idea.

Thanks to @Tarot_Redhand for the forum post bringing it to my attention.

I’ve just installed NIT on top of clean installs of Diamond (GOG) & EE (Steam) under Windows 10 very smoothly. Impressive! Once I’ve had a chance to play with it some, I’ll be off to the project page to lavish praise on & nit pic with @Surazal & the other contributors.

No. I typed “MIT! :)” no image. no html. I didn’t even pick the emoji just colon close paren.

I was just making (or trying to make…) a joke about how it’s now being called “Mod Installer Tool” so it should be MIT not NIT.

Something on the site decide those three letters were insufficient to be a sentence and I couldn’t post it.

If you check just a little ways above the download links on NIT’s page you will see that @jimdad55 made a video tutorial on how to use/get to grips with NIT.


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