Please recommend a spawn system!

I was just wondering what spawn system people are using for their SP modules these days. Is NESS still the main one or are there others that are as good or better?


Hmm, should this be in custom content, or is it just that spawn systems aren’t used much anymore?

NESS is the one I use. It’s great. There are a few things it needs though which I’d recommend adding to your version if you go this route. The main one is the ability to set the tag of the spawn. This, to me, is an oversight in the system but is pretty easily fixed with a new flag and a couple of lines of code.

CEP comes with a thing called sparky spawner which some people like. I’ve never used it.

I always used NESS but I never thought of setting the tag of the spawn, thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I found I wanted to use really generic base blueprints and customize them in the spawn script. Being able to do that by tag makes it much easier and let’s you use it for unique NPCs and such too.