Pls Help installing Kamals Tileset Project

Hey Guys,
I’m a complete noob and can’t seem to figure how to get Kamal’s tile set project and construction kit going.

Kamal was kind enough to include directions with his content , which I think I followed:
“Copy all the 2das and the textures and tiles folders into your campaign folder or hak.”

So basically I just copy pasta’d everything in the extracted 7zip file into my :
C:\GOG Games\Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete\hak

and…did I mess something up ><

I read a few guides on installing custom content, but they talked about campaigns , overide folders , and all kinds of other stuff that didn’t really seem to apply.

Strangely , I could seem to locate a “how to install tilesets” guide online anywhere that wasn’t about CREATING NEW tilesets…?

Everything else was kind of a general overview of the entire process of modding and creating placeables etc.

I was more interested in a specific focus instruction on how to get these two downloads installed.

In any event, can any give me the idiot proof walkthrough on installing these tileset / cronstruction kit?

Thanks in advance.

There are people better than I here to explain this but here’s the short version.

  1. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER put something in your main Neverwinter program directory. Use the Directory in the Documents folder (Documents>Neverwinter Nights 2>).

  2. When building a Campaign (which I am assuming you are doing) go into the Campaign folder (IE Documents>Neverwinter Nights 2>Campaigns) and find the name you have given your campaign. Drop the files in there.


- plugins
- Dialog.Tlk so changes appear in the toolset
- some sound and splashscreen customizations

but yeh, there are better places for things 99.998% of the time


sounds like you wanna learn about where to put custom content. Like Sawdust said, really try not to mess up your installation directory.

There’s a so-called player directory under MyDocuments… its directory structure mimics the installation heirarchy, and things should usually go there.

in order of descending priority:

.haks - go in the hak folder and must be explicitly associated with a module for content to show up
Override - anything in there is global (!) [subdirectories are allowed]
Campaign folder - seen by all modules associated with a specific campaign
module folder - seen only by the module itself

There are other places like the UI folder(s) but that’s the basics.

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I think that where @kamal wrote “or hak” he may have meant that they need to go into a hak file which you then put into your hak folder and not loose 2da files, etc.


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right so I am even further lost than I thought lol

What are the steps to get these items , specifically , working properly?

I am not really making anything at the moment just piddling around and trying to learn the toolset.

is there a comprehensive quick reference list of what goes where listed anyplace?

or…is it more of an art than a science? lol.

Ok . . . fine . . . you’re right, I am wrong . . . you are smart, I am dumb . . . you’re good-looking, I’m, well, not AS good-looking. :grinning:

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I gather from here what I am supposed to do is?

-Go to “my documents”
-Find the “override” folder
-copy all custom content into there?

  1. how can I designate what overrides go to what module or group of modules?

  2. Someone mentioned campaigns : what are they and how do they work?

  3. remember I have NEVER used ANY of these processes before so your answers will best help if they specific (not general) and listed in order. AS logic instructions, not “artistic concepts”.

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The override folder affects the whole game. Every module and every campaign. It’s an override that overrides everything you put there. If there is a model of a head/face for example that has the same name as one that’s in the core game, this new one will override that one.

However, when making your own modules and using hakpak files, those (at least I believe this is correct) the files in the hakpak has an even higher priority than the override folder, making it override the override so to speak. But here you have to be causious, because this can cause problems. I have had quite a few times where I have had the same kind of 2da file in one of my hakpak files as in the override folder and then the game got wonky.

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Ah I see

I see

so it is pheasable to take these “custom” things make a hakpack out of them…

then use that ONE hakpack for an entire campaign? But not every game all the time?

So I’d like to achieve making ahakpack for what Io consider to be the absolute must have content of Kamal’s Tiles, construction kit, and the walkmesh helpper by Zarathustra217.

then I can just load that ONE hackpack into any module i want to make.

not that the rest of you guys content isn’t FANTASTIC those are justa great starting point I think…

which begs the question…

Why hasn’t anyone just made:
“Essential Hackpack for nwn2 toolset 2020”

that contains this stuff?
kinda like CEP


When you make a module you can either save it as a module or a campaign. Until just recently I made all my modules, modules until @Lance_Botelle made me see the light. A campaign is, as I’ve understood it, made so that you can have several modules in the same campaign, like chapters if you will. What Lance made me realize is, that if you do your module as a campaign, even if it’s just one module, you save all your scripts and dialogues in the campaign folder, and thus when testing your module, if you need to change a script or a dialogue, you don’t need to start the module from the beginning when testing for this edited script to take effect. You can just run the module from your saved game and the edited script will now be the one that the game recognizes.

All this is quite hard to explain to someone who is new to this. A tip is to, when you have a question, search if others here have had the same question and read the answers. You can learn a lot from that.

When it comes to this game in general @kevL_s is one of the most knowledgable there is. So he can answer most things. @Lance_Botelle is also extremely good at understanding how the whole thing works. Many others here are very knowledgable as well for example @travus who an expert at scripting, @raymondsebas who is an expert on making beautiful areas, @rjshae who is great at doing animations and some modelling and much more, @4760 who has helped me tremeduosly with both editing models, scripting and quite a bit of animation, and loads of beta testing. And @Rashi, Jude Inc. and @kamal have made loads of great custom models of faces and areas and placeables to put into your modules…There are too many people to mention really…

So, my point is: This is a small but GREAT community!


You don’t need to just have one big hakpak. I think the size of a hakpak is limitied actually, but it can still be big. I usually have perhaps 4-5 hakpaks in my modules, and then I have way too much stuff that people have to put in their override folders.

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Hmm interesting, I do some digging see what the files size limit actually is.

would be pretty handy to have just a few .HAk files that were a complication for easy install.

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Thanks for the contact list , It’s great to know there is some support!

I do read many many things on several Forums , but it truly is hard to make sense of what is current, what too old, and then of course not having the proper vocabulary to understand all the community “lingo” .

Then of course I get different guides all mixed up…

I’m not sure where I read to make bridges “walkable” but boy did that MESS ME UP for hours and hours lol.

I am kinda handy at “thinking another way”

a big problem when trying to follow what seems obvious to most (as you saw eariler), BUT very handy for coming up with new and interesting appraoches to challanges that others just seem to accept as “impossible” or “pointless to try” or they assume “it’ll be too much work” …I can come aloing and go…

well if x = y
y +5 = 10
y = 5
so… obviously x = 5

Then ppl go…Oh, you’re right, we didn’t we think of that…

some times it takes someone REALLY dumb like me to come up with the obvious answer. LOL

The Documentation:

lists “campaign” 26 times … none of them explain how to create one; save this one little blurb:

Campaign Editor is used to create campaigns
consisting of multiple modules. Opening a campaign
built with a patched toolset may result in a "Could not
load module" error

which seems to suggest that campaigns will make your project explode?

Kaldor has a nice little walkthrough on converting modules to campaigns.

pfft probly not

each is a resource repository (i guess). The general rule of thumb, the ‘science’, is to restrict access to resources as narrowly as possible. If you have a script that’s used by only one module put it in that module directory.

The art to it comes with insight ofc. For example, say there’s a bug in that module script and you want to provide a hotfix. But since module scripts (etc) get packed up in a savedgame you can’t just tell players “Put this fixed script in your module directory”; well, you can but it aint gonna work. Cause the game is still gonna use the bugged script that’s in the savedgames.

So builders began to prefer putting all their module stuff into a Campaign directory, since campaign-level stuff doesn’t get packed into a savedgame. So they can now say “Put this fixed script in your campaign directory” and all was good again.



builders should avoid publishing anything in their override directory. It’s useful for testing and debugging since the override is global. But the override is more useful for players, to customize the game as a whole to their liking.

.haks are useful as archives that hold commonly used custom content.

ps. save your module(s) as directory(s) – this will leave all your files ‘loose’ in the module directory instead of packing them into a .MOD file ( which is prone to glitches and is generally less easy to work with ). Speaking of glitches… BACK UP YOUR STUFF REGULARLY. i mean it

idk… i think you look pretty good in that camo hat… :grinning:

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Life saver guide thank you!

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