it seems there is no way to pm someone ?
or if there is, it is much too cleverly hidden for my simple mind.

could we get that ?

EDIT – oh, and also, it seems the parser wants to munge titles so they’re capitalised only on the 1st letter. hence ‘PM?’ becomes ‘Pm?’… :confused:

EDIT[bis] – nvm, found it. it’s that big box on the right above all the stats… i’ve booked myself at the clinic for blue-blindness… :sheepish:

BUT… there could also be a button to allow the poster to delete posts asking embarrassingly simple questions…


Or you could just click on their user name which brings up a box that has a button that says “Message?”



oh, now, COME ON…! that’s WAY too simple !
:yum: :SHEEPISH:


And I promise I wasn’t being sarcastic either.