PnP Vision, Light spells, and torches [HCR]

PnP Vision, Light, & Torch ReadMe (compatible with 1.69 and Enhanced Edition)

Do you find NWN’s dungeons, dark & deep to be… not so dark? Ever wonder why blind characters can still see? Or why a character shrouded in darkness can still see? Or for that matter, wonder why BioWare interpreted darkvision as literally ‘darkened vision’ instead of being able to see normally in the dark?!? Or maybe you just want to use the D&D 3rd edition definitions of vision, light spell, continual light spell, and torches instead? Grymlorde’s PnP Vison, Light, & Torch override & hak to the rescue!!! Now humans must always use a light source, dwarves & half-orcs can see just fine in the dark, and when a PC is blinded, they really are blinded (unless pressing the tab key which gives them infravision, wait, what?!?)!


Great stuff.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to adapt it to NWN2 (or make a similar mod)?


Thank you for making this. The “bioluminescence” of player characters always irked me.

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Now updated to version 1.1 which replaces the custom torch with an overridden NWN torch. I also included overrides for the glittering necklace, ring of jade, ring of crimson, et al. as well as the light gems. Now if a new character joins your module or PW, their torch will be dim instead of bright. Also you can freely place the stock NWN items mentioned above without having to create dim versions. As before, the hak includes an override version as well as a hak version. No need for both!