POLL: Baldurs Gate 3: Love It, Like It, Hate it?


I was not being rude, but trying to help you recognise that it’s not meant to be anything “serious”. :grinning: I.e. The poll is not anything serious.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to say in the rest of your sentence. :innocent: (I was the one who said your option was not listed. I tried to answer only where I thought it might be helpful.)


You’re the one who has been taking this seriously, perhaps way too seriously - first insisting that I must have bought the game then asking me if it was a gift. Look. Since you want to win your one-sided debate with me so badly, let’s just agree that you won.

Congrats. You gained 1 point of experience for each post you’ve made in this thread.

@Sachie ,

I really don’t want you to be upset. Let’s just say things appeared to have gone off at a tangent somehow, and in a way that is not helpful for anyone.

So, starting afresh… Let me thank you for trying to explain the situation, while offering you a hand of friendship. Life is too short to live it with angst, and so rest assured, we need not end this conversation with any single “victor”, as that is not my aim.

Take care, and be well. :slightly_smiling_face: Let’s look the devil in the eye and laugh him away. Show him that our friendship is stronger than anything that he would try to place between us, and move forward knowing we are both victors!



Huh? I’m not upset at you. If I make a post or reply in general natter that doesn’t involve cats, just assume I’m 18% serious at most. Why 18%? That’s the number of toes that cats have (pterodactyls excluded.) Since it is clearly dangerous to post alone, here’s a cat for you:


Note: This has been a 100% totally serious business post because cats.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be downloading NWN modules that I haven’t played yet.

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I’ve never seen a cat with 18% of a toe (though I may have once aspired to be a mathematician). It’s probably a tot easier on the furniture and carpets! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love the ASCII (UTF-8?) artwork!

Officially I don’t have it and never will, it’s just impossible to use it in my computer.
Saw a bit on somebody else’s house, so I think that can add the “it’s nice but too hyped option” as something about it felt pretty tedious.

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Glad to hear it … :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, concerning BG3…


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It would be rather twee if it went up a tree.

This is finally releasing today on macOS, I already have a Windows multiplayer group waiting on me to play with them so I believe I’ll be playing a lot.

From the Early Access I played of BG3, Solasta was a generally better game but we’ll see…


I found solasta painful to get through, especially the bland NPC dialogue.

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Can you convince the final boss to kill himself for the good of the world like another game I don’t wanna spoil? :smiley:

I voted (1) “single & multi”, (2) “will wait for bigger discount”, and (3) “will wait for GOTY etc.”, but to be honest, the main reason why I haven’t bought it yet is the same as yours - because (4) it wouldn’t run that well on my current system. Otherwise I might have gone against my options 2 & 3 and my priciple to “never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game”, for the sake of option 1, because a friend wanted to play it with me.

I did play the intro part with a friend’s copy though, and while I enjoyed it well enough, I couldn’t quite tell what supposedly makes it so much better than any other RPG. It felt just like Divinity: Original Sin 2 mixed with a bit of grimdark D&D. Which I thought is fine but nothing all that new and exciting. But I haven’t really played it enough to judge whether it’s overhyped or not. It’s definitely something I’m interested in, but for the moment, I’m just as content playing Pillars of Eternity 2 and Caves of Lore.


For me the whole thing is simple: Do I feel like I got and can get 70$ of replayability out of it?
To me the answer is yes because of the sheer amount of different play throughs I feel like I can do, and because I have one playthrough going with my husband that’s also been fun.
I feel like this game is more worth it than something like FFXVI was because of that replayability factor.
But on the other hand I have an entire trove of years old games in shrink wrap that I haven’t touched since bringing it home so it’s probably good that I’m actually playing something I’ve paid for for once. And don’t even get me started on my steam library.

So in short, I think the game was worth it. Still doesn’t hold a candle to NWN as far as what I wish a new D&D game would be but hey, what can?

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To me it felt very “by the numbers” - which can still be fun and enjoyable don’t get me wrong, but I’m kind of looking for something a little off the beaten paths in my older age (well, not that old, I’m only 42, but yknow.) Probably why Ravenloft appeals to me rather than Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance, which I used to do all the time when I was younger.

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I both anticipate and fear a potential Ravenloft expansion or game from Larian. They made about four mentions of the setting in their game if you know where to look, so its always possible. I just don’t know if I’d love it or hate it.

5th edition Ravenloft may as well be an entirely different campaign setting in my view; so much was changed. For one most of the domains are incredibly smaller, where they exist at all. Chateaufaux and its interesting Dread Possibility were completely excised for one, and so is the entire location of my module xD

From my understanding 5th edition also did away with a lot of the ingrown xenophobia that makes many domains of Ravenloft what they are. Along with other changes (both to the setting and to the ruleset in general) I’d be inclined to treat any 5e game (BG or otherwise) that takes place in Ravenloft as a passing amusement more than a serious campaign.

As far as changes go though, I play hard and loose with Ravenloft , especially in the context of the Dying Days, the Time of Unparalleled Darkness and whatever comes after. I find that when you have whole campaign modules, wikipedias, sources (Unabridged History of the Core + Phipps’ Time of Unparalleled Darkness published to FoS, etc etc) , people start expecting (and therefore metagaming) certain things (Oh Drakov is doing something again? He’ll just lose. Yawn). And similar. Not to mention taking ‘baggage’ from other server(s) where folk may have played in the case of PWs. This is of course, not limited to Ravenloft campaign setting; all of this could hold equally, if not more true with FR or any other setting…

Anyway, back to the topic of BG3, if they did intend some sort of Ravenloft Expansion, I could see it happening, but as you said, it would be very different from anything resembling my Ravenloft, or even what I consider to be base Ravenloft (some unholy conglomeration of 3rd ed and everything that came before)

After playing more of BG3 (second playthrough), I can’t help but feel that many classes in BG3, such as the Bard and Warlock, are so disappointing compared to those in NWN and NWN2.


  • You can’t buff yourself with Bardic Inspiration… do I really need to say more.
  • Bardic Inspiration is only single target and used up after one attack/damage/saving throw/AC roll.
  • ZERO exclusive spells except Vicious Mockery cantrip.
  • Indirectly lost versatility since Taunt and UMD are not implemented.


  • Eldritch Blast has only TWO blast modifiers, one just adding damage and the other to push. So pitiful compared to NWN2’s blast shapes and eldritch essences!
  • You’re just a versatile wizard since their spell list are mostly taken from wizards and sorcerers while being able to use CHA for melee/ranged attack+damage if you take a specific Pact. Oh and you can only cast 2 spells before running out of casts how great.
  • THREE exclusive spells only (Arms of Hadar, Hex, Hunger of Hadar). What happened to their actual eldritch invocations???
  • New “Eldritch Inocations” you choose to learn are garbage since they are one-to-one copy of bad spells and still take your spell slot.
  • No Word of Changing.
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Thanks for this kind of feedback… I do appreciate to hear about the differences in the systems. :+1:

I have not yet played much 5E, and probably won’t beyond any games that use it. From the little differences I have seen so far, I probably still prefer the 3-3.5E overall.

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