[Poll] CEP 2 Project - New Content

In a CEP 2 builders’ poll, the following was identified as medium priority:

New Content
Include popular content that adds distinctive value

So CEP 2 will keep moving forward as the custom content collection for builders.

As 2.67 has demonstrated, there are ways of incorporating material that only works for EE, while retaining 1.69 compatibilty for older modules.

We’d like to hear builders’ suggestions in this thread (we’ll add our own, too).

This might include individual works, or larger themes.

The priority for new content is
  • Tilesets
  • Creatures
  • Doors
  • Items
  • Placeables
  • Sounds
  • Scripts
  • Skyboxes
  • Load Screens
  • Visual Effects
  • Other (please specify below)

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I’m not sure I’m reading this right. You will include EE only content or not?

Because it’s one thing to have 2da files with columns 1.69 ignored but an entire other thing to alter EE only models and textures to be downgraded for 1.69 compatibility. How many people are relying on these updates and developing solely on 1.69?

Eg Some EE models will also crash 1.69 due to new bone limits and normals. Textures made for fancy maps will look awful wirh just texture0 etc.

For the benefit of the general reader, the fact is that CEP 2 already includes some content that only works in EE. This policy will continue.

Some of the new content may well be EE-only. This will be clearly labelled. Existing modules will ignore it unless the builder chooses to include it. Anyone still building in 1.69 will be advised not to use it, though mistakes should be easily rectified.

No one has suggested downgrading any models or textures.

Nothing proposed here will result in crashes or poor appearance.

The topic of this thread is builders’ suggestions for new content in CEP 2.

I don’t think simple labels will help when you get crash reports on 1.69. I mean the toolset will crash losing work even trying to load such models (and the 1.69 toolset crashes super easily anyway).

The game will crash if a DM spawns an item or creature blueprint with new models referenced.

It also limits you fixing or replacing old models so guess you’re stuck with a lot of random stuff there.

I can’t imagine this is a good idea.

You also didn’t answer how many people realistically are using it with the 1.69 toolset?

Help or not, that’s exactly what was done by our predecessors. Btw. I wouldn’t underestimate the skills of the developers that way, most of them - if not all - can read labels.

I can’t imagine this is a good idea.

Well, so we have a different opinion.

You also didn’t answer how many people realistically are using it with the 1.69 toolset?

Who knows? I asked the Old Man, but he didn’t answer. But there are 100’s of module aready out, and we will make sure that the new stuff will not interfere them.

You missed my comment it crashes the toolset losing work right? And that is super easy to do given the toolset drop downs? Ever tried getting to a creature appearance without using the keyboard?

The predecessor was having it on 1.69 compatibility but with 2das updated. It was pretty much on life support after all with CEP 3.0 doing EE stuff.

You’re trying to have it both ways which is not advisable.

I mean you’re saying it’s 1.69 compatible which may have builders (if there are any on 1.69 - if there isn’t then just drop the 1.69 requirement) really making some justifiable complaints about the quality control when module work is lost.

This is in addition to ruling out any improvements of existing models with EE only compatible ones which seems problematic, since these would break existing modules opening in 1.69 in game and toolset.

I’m trying to warn your project so you can’t say “we never got feedback on that” or “no one told us”. I’m not being critical since I’d prefer such a project to use EE techniques and most new tilesets are EE only and I suspect most builders are EE only now.

@Jasperre This needs a separate thread. It is somewhat off-topic. I believe I can offset some of your worries but I am not going to derail a thread/poll. Hint If you didn’t realise, the shield against my username means I am a moderator.


Then split the posts please? Including the ones not made by me? I don’t consider it off topic it’s literally about what the new content compatibility will be and warnings about the approach.

Fine. We’ll consider your reasoning carefully.

[deleted after reading additional material in a related thread]

Thanks to everyone who voted - that gives us a clear sense of priorities.

Discussion continues here.