Poll : CEP Builders

This poll is for builders who are actively developing using CEP.

Which version of CEP are you building on?

  • CEP 2
  • CEP 3

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The reason for asking is to establish demand for quality improvements to CEP 2.

Of course, a straw poll can only be indicative, so we will be verifying the outcome in other ways, too.

There is now another thread for voting on CEP 2 development priorities.

This goes to show how long I’ve been out of the loop. I didn’t even know there was a CEP 3.

I’m using 2.65 currently, but this may be a chance to upgrade.

Not currently building with either CEP, but were I to use it, I’d probably go with CEP 3 given that its EE, includes newer content, and isn’t hamstringed by compatibility with 1.69.

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CEP1 :smiley:


Thanks to everyone for participating.

There is now another thread for voting on CEP 2 development priorities.

Looking at published modules and updates over the past year, and the more popular PWs, my very rough estimate is that there are perhaps 15-25 active high profile builders working with CEP 2 (plus some unpublished authors and less active PWs, presumably).

I won’t attempt to justify the dodgy assumptions behind that, but it does tend to confirm that the voters here are a reasonable sample of our target audience.

It comes as no surprise that the number of players using CEP 2 is vastly more - 50,000 active subscribers on Steam alone, almost certainly more than that on the Vault (though we can quibble about exactly what that means).

The exact numbers don’t matter - order of magnitude will do for our purposes.

It may help to keep future discussion in perspective to remember that although we are passionate about developing CEP 2, at the end of the day we are only talking about providing a service to a handful of highly-respected builders (while maintaining stability for thousands of players).