Poll: Q TNO II Thatch Roofs Yay or Nay?

The original TNO set has buildings on both Grass and Dirt/City terrain - the original intent I guess being that Builders would use the Grass buildings for rural mockups and the Dirt/City buildings for urban mockups. All of the buildings except for four (the Grass stables and thatch houses) have shingled roofs.

For Q TNO II I’m thinking of putting thatch roofs on all the grass buildings, which gives a more rustic feel to them. The Dirt/City buildings would remain shingled.

So, do you want me to replace all the Grass Building shingled roofs with thatch roofs?

  • Yay - Do it
  • Nay - Leave my buildings alone!

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I voted yes because you say that you will keep the rooves of the dirt/city buildings unchanged.


Yes, that’s the plan.

Thanks for the input. By an overwhelming 13-0 victory, thatch roofs it is.

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