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I cant seem to find in the lexicon any reference to this function, but i have definately seen a pop up text box with an ok button in someone elses mod. Does anyone know what this function is?

As far as I know, this requires NWNX. With it, you can force an examine on a placeable. So, spawn an invisible placeable (or keep it somewhere always spawned, doesn’t need to be in the player’s area), set the name, portrait and description, and them pop the examine box.

For NWNX:EE, the function is in nwnx_player:

void NWNX_Player_ForcePlaceableExamineWindow(object player, object placeable)

For, nwnx2, I don’t see it anywhere in the tree, but here is one implementation that you can use:

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Oh, I’m just reading about NWNX now, pardon my noobishness. Looks like i have a bit of exploring to do before i can get this to work. Thank you so much :heart:


Got this working without NWNX no hassle. Just like you said ActionExamine() on an invisible object and presto! pop up box.

Thanks again

Pop up text with OK button etc can be done with this.


Thank you. Thats some good work there Proleric