Port Llast bugfix bug

Hey, when looking for some fixes for the game I found a bunch for Port Llast for SoZ:

but I get strange errors when it is in Override and I launch the Toolset. Files s01_nya.UTC and s04_adreum.UTC are the source of the issue, apparently some value is incorrect but I’m not sure how to fix that. Anyone else had this error too? Anyone feels like looking into that? :smiley:

Sorry if I seem dismissive, I don’t mean to, but why do you need it in your override when using the toolset ? I looked at the file you downloaded and it doesn’t appear to add any toolset content so just take it out and put it back in when you play SoZ… Not even the whole of SoZ, just that one bit.

I never finished SoZ so don’t know who Nya and Adreum are but if they’re important NPC’s then maybe the toolset has blueprints of them already in it and the replacement blueprints from your override contain something that doesn’t match with toolset loading requirements of blueprints.

Well i dont NEED that in the toolset for anything obviously but toolset does have a compiler for scripts so if it gives an error that would mean the script has not been made properly. This means if someone applies it into override, plays SoZ and gets to Port Llas questline there could be some complications. Maybe the quest will get softlocked or maybe the game will crash. I mean, the engine is rather stable and prefers to ignore incorrect script calls but it was just an example. If we override a blueprint for an npc then maybe the game will not be able to spawn it. I suppose it needs to be seen in practice. I finished SoZ few times but I got no saves to go to that quest to check unfortunately, so maybe in the future.

Its not a big issue, but I still thought its worth pointing out, where else if not on forums decidated to it? I dunno if the author is still around to see this, I thought maybe someone else is also using this bugfix. I’m in the midst of fixing the game up myself to my liking but before that I wanted to look what other people were doing, so I was browsing around for some fixes.

There is also this thread for instance:
which contains a collection of script corrections but while they are good in theory, not all of them are functional in practice, like the one about georg and his militia kinda breaks the attack sequence for some dwarves during the west harbor siege. Not a big deal but still, probably worth a mention.

what stange errors?

The port llast undead army fix is in Nwn2Fixes as-is … anyone with the Fixes installed should be getting the problem also …

do you have both installed (to override)?

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Oh lol I did not realize that port llast fix is already a part of the big collection of fixes. I did indeed have duplicate files in override!
Crap, I feel stupid now. :sweat_smile: Sorry for bringing up a non-issue.

If you’re interested the error said this: “Desired object of the call reported an exception. Index is outside of the range. It has to have a value that’s non-negative and lesser than the size of collection.”
And then a whole long list of some scripty calls.

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Not to me it wasn’t… But at least it’s all good now and Nya and Adreum are behaving themselves.

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get a duplicate file checking app if you don’t have one and run it over your /override occasionally.

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