Portable Encampment

I wanted to use the “portable encampment” I found here on the vault:


I want to use this in my module but I can’t download them. Is it just me or does it work for anyone else?

Because they were too lazy to put the mod and the erf into an archive you’ll need to right click on each and select something like “Save linked content as…”. I just tried them and they do download BTW.



Thanks Tarot_Redhand

I was able to put them in the right folders. I tried the mod…was disappointed though. I thought it would set up a tent and fire and sleeping bag etc…when you clicked on it and the item in inventory would disappear…but nope. It just created a campfire. Then I clicked on the meat and it created a campfire cooking meat. The fish didn’t even work.

I was thinking it would create everything at once. Too bad. :frowning:

Very likely the fish needs to be either the default fish object or a custom one that is detected as a fish.

Still …I was hoping for a complete campsite set up on just using the item. Not a piece by piece set up.

You get what you pay for… feel free to post something better :slight_smile:

I’m not dissing anyone here…not dissing the guy who did this…I was just hoping it was what it said it was. A campsite. To clarify.

You could alter the script and have separate pieces that make the fire, and a tent, etc. You’d still need to arrange them to look like you want, dropping an object that turns into a placable can be tricky.

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Alas…I am no scripter…why I was looking for this in the first place. If only I knew how…I would have done it myself. I wish someone could fix it up.

So I actually read the description which tells you what it does -

So I modified it a little.

Now it create campfire on place you’re standing. And if you have meat or fish it create different one. Then if you click on campfire you will start resting (unless you are too far from it) like in original version.

and from what you say, it is doing exactly what it said it would do. There is no mention of tents etc. just a campfire.


I actually made something like this but a little more complicated.
It starts as a backpack icon that turns into a custom tent and also drops a waypoint where you create the tent. The tent has a conversation file. You can walk inside and do stuff or put it away. Putting it away recreates the backpack icon in your inventory and destroys the tent and waypoint until you use it again. The tent inside is actually a separate pre-made area you can rest or store stuff with a door that leads back to the dropped waypoint.

It worked for some modules but not for others and I never traced why because I got distracted by something else but its possible to make and script
I use a lot of personal custom content but I could scrounge up a not-just-me friendly version if you are interested.


Hey thanks Stonehammer. That would be great if you could!

You are correct Tarot_Redhand

I guess in my desire to find a script like setting up a whole camp…I did not read it carefully. I based it more on the pic in a quick preview of a “campsite”.

Alright, took a lot of cleaning up ( I forgot how crazy I got with my tent camp) I uploaded it
If you get to try it, I would appreciate the feedback or if i missed something on the upload.

edit: Originally I turned the meat and fish into some kind of custom stew with a use script but just basically functions like a potion. so here i just turned it into a potion


I just imported it…works like it should - perfect. Thanks so much man.

I am working on a durn bug in my module that makes a copy of everything 4 times…sigh. So when I use this it works perfectly but makes four tents overlapping each other and 4 in my inventory after I pick it up too. But it has nothing to do with your stuff. It’s perfect. Just on my end I need to fix this quadrupling issue. It happens with my craftable gems (a +1 gem becomes a +4 gem when crafted on a weapon, regenerating creatures I get 4 times the xps because of the regeneration script. I once put a post on here to see if anyone could help me with the issue since I am no scripter…but still no way to fix “my” issue.

But I am very grateful to you for doing this…really awesome stuff! I will just have to destroy the extra tents until one is left. Frustrating but …at least I have this very cool camping set. Again - thanks!!

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that will be related to tag-based scripting, you need to disable it or make sure your scripts check which event they were fired from


Hi Shadoow,

Thanks for that link. I do not know scripting. I use to be ok but I am just getting back into all this. If I sent you my event scripts would you be able to look at them and fix them? I just know you could fix my issue. Would that be too much to ask of you? I have asked the community but they want me to learn scripting …I just do not have the time nor ability to learn it to that level.


So nice to see so many old names still in the community. I remember you too Shadooow. :). Not sure if you remember me.

Post your event scripts here and people will be glad to help you.

In the interim, if you look at x2_it_example in the vanilla scripts, you will see how an event script for tag-based scripting should be set up. The event checks are already coded, all you need to do is add the code for what happens in each event.

As an alternative you can also place all you item events within the module event scripts but, imo, this is more archaic and gets confusing with lots of items using custom events.

Hey thanks GrumpyOldGoat,

You want all my Event Scripts? If So they are very long because like I said I’m no scripter so I have just been adding stuff to the end of each script over the years…lol. I once put one on here on a thread …I had to break it down into 2 parts as the limit would not allow me to post it entirely. Would you be open to me sending you my email and I could send them in notepad form? Is there a safe way to exchange emails here without posting them for everyone to see? I really really appreciate you doing this for me. :slight_smile:

I’m almost too embarrassed to have people see my scripts…lol But I did get a person years ago to help me once so that part of the script would look good.