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While I’m on Win 10, I appreciate that there are people who are on older machines running older versions of windows (XP, Vista, Win 7). Now if you would like to be able to run say Blender or LibreOffice for example there may still be hope for you. See -

Windows XP/Vista/7 Compatible App Packages, Adding To The App Directory


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One of the things to watch out for here is that Blender is unforgiving of older hardware, regardless of the operating system. I’ve run into this before, and switching OS from Win 10 to Debian Linux 11 didn’t improve the situation. I’m hardly a Windows expert, admittedly, since I only use it for games and running a web browser.

So do check the hardware requirements:

Also, I would expect, but cannot attest, that using the 2.93 LTS version, supported until June 2023, may be better with older hardware.

Just my $0.02.

I should add that of course, someone else’s mileage may vary, so my experience w/ one particular system isn’t determinative. Indeed, one of my antique and carefully preserved & beloved systems is an actual Intel mother board core 2 quad system that has to be nearing 20 years of age (other parts are newer - it’s a frankenstein). It’s running as up-to-date as possible Win XP SP3 now because it was when that was current. :wink:

It also has a Linux installation on it because I would never let an XP system touch the Internet. I’m too paranoid. So I use Linux to grab software off the network.

This is super useful to me & it’s not the only old XP system I have laying about in the shed. Thanks for sharing it!