Portraits - organizing sexes and races in game creation

I have been playing NWN for years …I have always just had my portraits folder filled with male, female, and different races. So upon character creation you see all races and sexes.

I would like to organize them into their respective races and sexes so upon creating a character you only see the race or sex…i.e. If I want to create a male elf I only see male elf pics. It would be nice to to have a misc row (minatour, tiefling, brownie, wemic, etc).

I know about the races 2da…but I think (if I’m correct) that is only for the toolset…not for character generation.

So does anyone know how this can be done please? I would like to stick I assume this 2da into my override folder.


Thanks Proleric…I looked at the page before…

I noticed too that the standard BaseResRef on the first line of my portraits 2da shows for number 1
dw_f_01_ unlike the po_dw_f_01_h.tga. So am I to add the “po” and the size of the pic in this case “h” in order for it to show up in the dwarven female creation as a female dwarf in this listed example? Will the creation recognize this format and only show up in the female dwarven creation? Because I am confused…why didn’t they use the format using “po” and the portrait size on the 2da?..only dw_f_01_? So am I to use “po” and add the size on the end when the standard BaseResRef doesn’t even use this method…so confusing.

How does one then handle the misc. races? Since the only selections we have are the standard (including the new NWN:EE wemics and brownies)…race pictures like tieflings, minatour, etc…where do these photos default too then?

Sorry to ask so many questions

Actually found the new 2das here:

Nevermind. Close post. I figured it all out …I hope…lol