Positive or Negative Orientation in SET files?

In the EE 1.80 update, almost every doorway in almost every tileset that had a negative orientation (e.g. -90) now has a positive orientation (e.g. 270).

Does it really matter? -90 degrees and 270 degrees is identical, right? But if it does matter now in EE 1.80, what about all the custom tilesets on the vault?

I tracked down Bill Harper (BD employee) on Discord and he had this to say:

“It’s not really a big deal, not worth all the hours if you have customs already. I was giving the SET file a good cleanup at same time, adjusting a few door positions and other minor tweaks, so figured I’d change them while already there. I was hoping it would help, maybe a little less parsing on the CPU–but didn’t see any substantial evidence nor gain.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Bill!

This change was inherited from CPP afaik. And I inherited it from other some other source, don’t remember which one though.

Either way, I think it the negaive values broke some custom content tools, so even if it doesn’t impact nwn engine, it is good change just for this reason.

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