Possible Gatecrashers 2

So, years ago, I’m sure some of you remember, or may remember we had Gatecrashers. Eventually Gatecrashers died and SPL was born and distanced itself from Gatecrashers and has said it’s no longer relevant to it. I know I’m not the only one who saw the promise of adventure in fun times and adventures in Planescape in the Outlands, the Planes, or even Sigil itself.

So, who here would want to work on a project that is based in the planes, and Sigil, which has a wild west feel where justice is doled out by yourself, your friends, or your allies be they PCs or NPCs. Where you make your own fate.

This place would not be a place for trolling or griefing. I’ve been around in the community on a multitude of servers as staff for a long while now. I know the difference and I’d be looking for DMs, Devs, and players who are mature, and want to do things for the players. We can have custom classes if we have the scripters for it, Player housing, NWNX Implementation, Epic Spells, custom spells, and things for those who don’t have access to those spells to give them a little bit more of an edge.

I want to make a place where people want to come to, and lose themself in, and enjoy themselves, and their friends. A place where people are not penalized for how fast they level up or if they find loot before someone else, or if they ERP or whatever. Whatever a person does in their own time so long as they are not hurting someone else or harassing someone, is their own business and they shouldn’t be judged.

So if you have interest in the project, or have ideas to shoot, fire away here, I look forward to reading your feedback. :slight_smile: