Possible to sort content by developer/author in Vault?

Outside of manually running a search for each name, is it possible to eventually click on a developer/author’s name in the Vault to pull up all of the content that they’ve created? It seems like a no-brainer convenience feature to have, but it might just be that I don’t yet have the permissions? Anyhow, if it’s not something that is currently available for the Vault, I’d like to add a request for the function. Thank you.

Yes to an extent, or at least I can do it. Might be that as a moderator I have permissions you do not. Try this -

  1. You must be signed in and on the project page of the author you wish to check out.
  2. If the author’s name shows in blue, it means that it is a link to their (sparse) details. If not either they are not registered on here or it could be you do not have permission. In the case of them not being registered on here it is likely that they left the community before this site was created.
  3. Click on the Projects link at the top of the author’s details. This will take you to a list consisting of one or more pages of projects they have created.



Thank you for the reply. I ran manual searches for Adam Miller and Savant, as two examples, but Savant1974 was the only user name that had a list of projects that I could see. Both of their names, inserted manually, pulled up a good number of pages of results, though. Their actual content kind of gets lost in all of that, though. Would it be possible to do anything from my end to help create tags that would link names? Would running a search by tag show different results than manually typing in the same search? (I’ll check this and edit this post accordingly).

Clicking a tag shows entirely different results than manually typing in the same words and running a search. I’m unsure how to properly search by tag, outside of clicking a tag that has been attached to something.

You can also use Recent Content > Contribs on the left hand menu. Fill in the author’s name to see all their projects. Is that a manual search for each name? It’s pretty convenient.