Post Removed

Removed post due to no response.

But why…?

It was a question dealing with Mysteries of Westgate I figured after 29 days that no one had, had the problem I had. Your the first to say anything at all. There were 77 views and no answers. I just chalked it up to lack of interest or no one had an answer.

You don’t really need to remove it though. Somebody may find an answer some day then post it.

NWN2 Complete edition from GOG comes with the official MoW walkthrough. You can find it in the game root folder (in the Documentation subfolder).

You can also download it separately from the Ossian Studios’ official website:

My problem is not something I can use a walk through for, although one of the missions seems to be broke. The mission is for the city guard to see if you can find the murderer of one of the City guards. You are suppose to follow the guy from the tavern to a warehouse. The problem is he never leaves the tavern anymore. He just stands there bragging to the bar maid. I waited for a hour one time. The hour was real time. It just doesn’t fire from that point on anymore. I’m trying to be a little vague so I don’t spoil this for others. Is there a command in the drop down menu so he will go to the Warehouse.

Can you upload your savegame folder somewhere?

If you explain how to do an upload I will. It also may take a few days I did not save the game.