Posting content on the Vault for Dummies like me

Please when posting custom content for dummies like me, give me some directions so I can put them in the correct folders. Not everybody on the Vault knows where your custom content should go every time. Just give some directions with your upload please. The nice thing about the old days is we were given info about where you wanted it to go in a read me file or it was put in the description of the files that were up loaded. Thank you all. This way all of us can enjoy your hard work or labor of love.:grinning:

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What project in particular are you having difficulty in finding out where the files go? Happy to help out.


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Several of late have posted content on the vault without readme files, but Humanified Dwarves and Humanified Gnomes are my big headache at the moment. I just did not want to get to specific on my post, but since you asked.

Here’s a guide.

I know that @Greenman6220 (at least mostly) plays NwN2 and the items that were mentioned are for NwN2. I haven’t played NwN2 for ages so I need to ask, does the folders for that game vary from NwN?

For NwN the rule of thumb is to match the extension to the folder it needs to go in - e.g. *.tlk in tlk, *.erf in erf, *.hak in hak and so on. Does it differ for NwN2?

As far as readme files go, anyone who doesn’t include one is shooting themselves in the foot as far as getting feedback is concerned. Compared to the amount of time they will have spent creating the content, the time spent to make a reasonable readme is miniscule. So include one with your project. Talking of archives, always package your files in one. Browsers will try to open .erf and .mod files because there are media files with those extensions.


  1. Unpack hak files into your override folder.
  2. Merge two versions of the appearance.2da file with each other and then place this merged version into the override folder.

For unpacking use NWN2Packer v1.9 (‘open’ a hak file, press ‘select all’, then ‘export’ and specify the path). Merging of 2da files can be done via Notepad, for example. Someone else can explain you this process in details.

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Thank you Aqvilinus.:grinning: Also Thank you for your reply Tarot. There are some differences between 1 and 2 files. One reason I did the post is I’m seeing more new names on the Vault and not all are returnees, and because you put me in a old pen and paper D&D game and I’m fine I DM’d for more than forty years. I’m not very good with the files or the tool sets although I have helped with a few modules with spelling and such. I was just frustrated with these two custom content files I had tried Aqvilinus way except the merging of the 2das. Thanks again.