Posting to the Steam Workshop

Hello again guys! So I just want to post my most recent Prelude Module to the steam workshop, and even after following the directions thread, I can’t seem to simply post my module with all the art and stuff I created so easily HERE at the vault. I’ve obviously been spoiled by the ease of uploading… games like “Planet Coaster” make it so simple. Would anyone be willing to personally guide me through the process over discord or steam? I really just want to keep blood flowing through this community as I enjoy it so much. It makes me frustrated that I can’t also post my module to the workshop as I know some new players really only look there for new content. As I know I’m asking a bit much, I’d happy to Venmo someone a reasonable amount for their time, sorta like paying for a private lesson. I’m also a professional composer and trying to ready some additional music for the community. Again, I just want to contribute to keeping this community alive, and my lack of computer skills is a problem. If I’m asking a little too much here, no worries, I understand. I don’t want to be a bother. Cheers!

What problem are you having, exactly?

Can you upload the module, then download it?

Can you see and edit the Workshop page?

Perhaps this helps: Posting Your Stuff on Steam Workshop

May I ask a question? Why does somebody want to publish something on this website? After all what i’ve read there seem to be a lot of obstacles to master, to get the stuff right. What do they have to offer, what the vault here doesn’t?

Publication is no more difficult than the Vault.

I publish on both, because some Steam players never look at other sites. Steam downloads are significant, though I get 3-4 times more downloads on the Vault.

The reported obstacles are mainly about gameplay, and seem to go away when players move the mods from the Steam folders to Documents.


Steam def has its place or use… Generally IMHO, if your “content” is aimed at builders, vault is a better place. But something aimed at players, Steam will likely get more attention…

Isn’t it only available if you own NwN EE on steam though?


You’re probably right TR… I was speaking in very broad sense.

@Tarot_Redhand Steam Workshop is also available to those if us who bought EE direct from Beamdog.

@Toro Yes, Steam Workshop is wholly unsuitable for builder content.