Posting Your Stuff on Steam Workshop

The basics of posting things on the Steam Workshop (where NWN:EE people that also use Steam go) are outlined here: Publishing To Steam Workshop

It’s pretty simple, though the author does leave out one crucial step:

You have to give Valve some money if you want anyone to see your stuff. If you haven’t already spent at least $5 with them in their store, you have to put at least $5.00 in your “wallet” (which you can do by clicking on your username in the corner of the Steam screen and picking “account details”).

If you do not do this, you will only be able to set your item/project’s visibility to “Friends-only” or “Hidden”. Once you add the money to your wallet or spend in their store, you can then set any number of your Workshop items to “Public” visibility.

I posted a couple of things on there just to test it out (it’s how I ended up on the hunt for information about changing content visibility), and I may list some more once NWN:EE is out of beta.


I found out about the money thing from Proleric and that sucks that they doing that. Second I seem to be having trouble getting my thumbnail to show up for the workshop. So is it like this
Drive(example C: E:) Folder / Project Folder/ thumbnail.jpg ?
E:\Steam WorkShop\New Rain (with thumbnail in New Rain folder)
so when they refer to the core folder they mean the project folder?
Thanks for any help on this.
Thoughts on CEP steam upload, I think you would be helping beamdog and the community by not waiting until it out of beta. This will draw in more people and get more active community and also can help find any bugs while in beta to help Beamdog. Many single/multiplayer modules and PW use it and help them get there name and face out to the bigger game world can only help NWN. Just my thoughts.

I recently published my Riding Academy tutorial module on Steam for NWN:EE here.

Others might find the following “how to” useful (with apologies for any duplication).

  • You will need an account at the website
  • Stay logged on to the website (otherwise, some of the links below may appear to be unavailable for public viewing)
  • Have an e-mail client handy at all times (the website frequently issues validation e-mail, which is a pain when working from multiple devices)
  • Builders who wish to upload must have the equivalent of 5 US dollars in their Steam purse (which sucks) - from your username top right (not top centre), drop down to Account Details to add money
  • You also need the Steam client to install the Steam version of EE and upload (but you don’t need the client to be running to browse or edit uploads on the website - important if you work on multiple devices)
  • The Steam Workshop for NWN:EE is here
  • Players who have installed the Steam version of EE can “subscribe” to workshop items, which are then automatically downloaded into the correct folders ready to play
  • Before uploading, you need to organise your files in folders as described below
  • Steam will upload game files (.mod, .hak, .tlk etc) and screenshots (.jpg), but has no provision for storing text documents such as extensive ReadMe or walkthrough, so these have to be hosted externally (or added to the Guide section of the workshop later)
  • If there are external dependencies (e.g. haks) they can either be bundled with the module, uploaded separately on Steam as Required Items, or left on the Vault with a link from the Steam module description (see discussion)
  • The upload method is described here
  • The item name is determined by the name of the upload folder (in this case, c:\Riding_Academy)
  • It’s convenient to have that folder in your root directory while uploading (though I moved it to a more sensible location on my PC afterwards, as I don’t like to clutter the root).
  • To add the description and screenshots, you have to open the item in your personal content on Steam, because it is not in the public workshop yet
  • On the Steam workshop, look for your user name top-and-centre (not the one top right) - drop down to Content - tab to Workshop Items
  • If your upload was successful, you will see the icon, which you can double-click to the editing screen.
  • Here you can add the module description and screenshots (I find that the latter does not work with Chrome, but does work with Edge)
  • The module description can include links to documentation and external dependencies (e.g. haks on the Vault)
  • Steam doesn’t provide any default usage terms. I personally recommend linking to an open licence in the module description, for example Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0
  • The Item is Private until you decide to make it Public, using the dropdown on the same page
  • When players “subscribe” to a Workshop Item, they are prompted to subscribe to any Required Items, too
  • The files for each Item are downloaded to a unique folder within C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\704450, unlike regular NWN:EE, which keeps all its player files in C:\Users[User]\Documents\Neverwinter Nights
  • For example, regular EE has all the haks in one subfolder, whereas Steam has a different hak folder within each Item, so Steam can have two versions of the same hak without conflict
  • When the player starts the Steam version of NWN:EE, the module choice looks exactly the same as before, but includes modules from the regular NWN:EE folder and all the Steam Items.
  • Steam applies overrides from the regular NWN:EE folders, and saves there, but loads the module and required files from the Steam folder.
  • Content downloaded from Steam is not immediately available to play with regular NWN:EE or 1.69, but you can fix this by moving the files from the Steam folders to the regular folders.
  • There is a Steam Workshop forum here.
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@ShadowM I did my upload from c:\Project_Name i.e. c: drive, one folder in the path, thumbnail in that folder.

I tend to agree about encouraging early adoption of Steam.

I have my reservations, and hope the the Vault will continue as the main repository of projects and technical discussion, if only to provide continuity (we’ve had enough commercial site shutdowns).

However, since Steam seems reasonably open so far, and will attract players, I’d say go for it.

Added a brain dump to post #3

So I will never be able to publish my portrait because I have to pay 5 dollars each time ?, but in itself the right location I do not understand where you must put the folder that is created … says that the process is completed but every time it appears on steam the modd and a private content and the cover image does not appear.

No. It’s $5, once. After that you can publish more stuff without paying more.

This should also be only for new accounts, not existing customers that Steam already recognizes as having forked over cash for games in the past :stuck_out_tongue:

@thirdmouse agreed, but, as it stands, everyone has to pay (once) unless they already have $5 in their wallet. Purchasing games elsewhere doesn’t count, even if they use Steam as DRM, even if they are by Valve, even if Steam has spyware data on you playing said game.


Are you saying that you can’t see your Item in the Steam workshop at all? If so, see my cookbook above, especially “On the Steam workshop, look for your user name top-and-centre (not the one top right) - drop down to Content - tab to Workshop Items”.

If you can see it, but can’t make it public, you need to put the $5 in your wallet (once).

If you can subscribe, but can’t see the portrait in game, check that you’re uploading from c:\foo (where foo is the name of your Item) and that the portrait files are in c:\foo\portraits in exactly the formats explained in the Custom Content Guide.

I sent a tiket to Steam-Valve last night now I see what they tell me … but I’m sure I’ve uploaded at least once a minimum of 5 euros or more … but let’s see … for is a bug anyway … and from 6 years I use steam.

A caveat on this, from observations after testing:

Subscription to a Steam component appears to completely override the loading process on a resource filename level. This means that if you:

  • distribute a module (not on Steam) that uses a hak named abc.hak, to be put in the hak folder under documents, and
  • someone creates a Steam component that includes abc.hak, and a player subscribes to it, then
  • that player will get the subscribed version of the hak from the Steam Workshop when they load your module, and not the one you distributed with it.

What happens if two Steam components both include abc.hak I don’t yet know.

Also, does anyone know if it is possible and/or acceptable to create a Steam workshop entry, or an announcement on the Steam forums, for a project that isn’t actually uploaded to Steam? Something along the lines of “this awesome module exists, here’s the link to get the content from the Vault?” From my quick look there don’t seem to be any examples of that on the Steam workshop or forums.