PRC Lite and NWNCX


Save and module are here. It’s Aielund Saga Act III, so CEP and a few custom .haks are needed. I’ve been running through NWNCX, and the area I saved in is filled with the first enemies I noticed the issue against. More specifically, the enemies seem to have some sort of Spell Resistance, and the combat log reports my rolls as 1d20+5.

This was done using 2.8, so if you were trying to reproduce it with 2.9, it might be fixed already.


from a brief look there seems to be several spells modified in module: all cure spells, darkness, dismissal, greater restoration, harm, healing circle, mass heal, restoration, negative ray and burst, raise dead, resurrection, light.

Also Aielund uses EMS which if I recall completely rewrites all spells with modified versions. So no spell-related features will work in Aielund with PRC Lite since unlike original PRC it doesn’t contain the spells scripts in order not to break customized spells from module.

one way to avoid this would be to gut content of EMS hak

EDIT: note that the spell debug will print normally in the aielund because spellhook runs before spell and tells the spell to use new caster level, dc, etc. but EMS spellscripts doesn’t support that so it won’t work with them

alternatively I could do the same what original PRC and include all spellscripts within hak, however then it will replace modified spells which I consider a bad practice.


Ah, that makes sense. For what it’s worth, the spell DC and required level for scribing new spells seems to work properly as far as I can tell, so it’s just an issue with Penetration

I would say leave it as it is, it’s compatible enough as it is. I didn’t actually notice this until many hours in and several encounters against said resistant enemies anyway.


So far, Barbarian Rage applies even when the +12 cap is hit from items, and all of Assassin’s changes work perfectly. Deep Slumber (the spell) also functions as intended.

  • New classes with spellbooks don’t show their spells in the character vault. This isn’t that big of an issue, but it’s just something I noticed.

  • Frenzy and Rage don’t stack, and overwrite each other when one is used. I never actually played far enough into NWN2 to find out if this was how it was handled there.

  • Break Enchantment’s description has a blurb at the bottom talking about summoned creatures, when it shouldn’t.

  • Crossbow Sniper isn’t available despite reaching the requirements on some classes. As a Fighter at chargen, I was able to take it at first level despite not yet having a Weapon Focus in either crossbow. As well, the feat itself seems sort of messed up.

Once it’s actually selected, it shows up normally. The effects of the feat don’t seem to work, however.

  • Combat Archery has the same problem as Crossbow Sniper, the feat selection is messed up and the character still incurs AoOs.

  • Red Wizard still mentions Tattoo Focus in its prerequisites.

Other than that, all spells I’ve tried so far work perfectly. I’ve yet to try out the Harper Scout and Blackguard spellbooks, Dwarven Defender uncapping and Nature Spell.


thanks, i will try fix new feats asap, btw what about nwn2 prereqs for red wizard? ie. spell penetration+greater spell penetration+1metamagic feat? Somehow it makes more sense to me and this “x metamagic feats” requirement is shared with far too many prestiges right now…


version 2.9a released

fixed new feats
removed tatoo focus from red wizard class description


Making Red Wizard require Spell Penetration feats makes more sense to me than requiring crafting feats, since the draw of the class is higher DCs and better SP.


  • The selection for Crossbow Sniper is fine, but it still has no effect. As well, Combat Archery doesn’t appear when the prerequisites are met.


apology i forgot to upload new scripts along with 2da, new version reuploaded

however combat archery is selectable for me: dodge mobility point blank shot and epic character


Crossbow Sniper works correctly, but enemies still gain AoOs against my character even with Combat Archery. I tested with both crossbows and regular bows.


Before I fix it there is a question if it should work with all ranged weapons or just bows. The description mentions bows only (thought that can be changed) and the prerequisities contains rapid shot which doesn’t work with crossbows…


That’s entirely up to you. I feel as though crossbows aren’t particularly useful in NWN even with PRC Lite’s added feats, since Arcane Archer completely overshadows the crossbows by only working with the long and short bow.

I would personally say make it long/short bow only, since like you said, it requires Rapid Shot. That said, is it possible to implement the increased Sneak Attack range Crossbow Sniper gives in PnP? That would go a very long way in helping the Crossbow be useful.


It is possible to implement I just felt its already powerful enough + that sneak attack range needs a special nwnx modification which I don’t have yet (but I know how to do it).

Imo crossbow vs bow discussion is heavily based on envíronment. In vanila nwn and in module without any customization, yes bows wins on a large margin. But add possibility to add keen and +15 mighty to crossbows and crossbows wins on a large margin. Community Patch allows to add keen itemproperty on all ranged weapons. Unfortunately its just feature for builders so you won’t find crossbow with keen in singleplayer modules (as those were almost all made before CPP was released).

Anyway, I will therefore allow it to work for all ranged weapons and will change the description. If someone wants to waste 1 feat to avoid AOO in close combat with crossbow I guess why not? Its not even so strong feat especially for crossbow users who tends to have high AC (crossbow users are usually wisdom based casters with zen archery and monk AC)


How about having it require either Rapid Shot or Rapid Reload, and then letting it work with crossbows, too? I hope I am not displaying ignorance about what can and what cannot be done.


hmm good idea, haven’t thought of that


New version 2.9b released


  • fixed combat archery and make it to work for all ranged weapons not just bows
  • added Bear Warrior class

Notes for Bear Warrior:
Original source here, the class is very simple and basically only enhances rage or frenzy. But I like it as its kind of druid+barbarian combination (despite not improving spellcasting) and it is fun.

Currently all the class does is that it add polymorph with increased uncapped stats when rage or frenzy is used.

It doesn’t merge anything right now (unless you use merge all switch from community patch) and it has no enhancement bonus on claws (unless you use merge all switch and you have soak damage +x merged, then the claws will acts like +x weapons). Scent was replaced with low light vision and the class has only 10 levels. Because it is treated as unarmed combat it works with feats for unarmed and has a synergy with monk. But thats all.

Here are possible improvements to the class I can do:

  • merge items, but should it merge armor + items or just armor by default?
  • add enhancement for claws, +1 for black +2 for brown +3 for dire maybe
  • add feats that bears usually have (only when in the polymorph): alertness, toughness, weapon focus (creature weapon), (improved) knockdown (bears have improved grab which is something else but knockdown would be close to it)
  • add epic levels, where can be 2 new forms, ancient at lvl 15 or 20 and legendary at lvl 30
  • if epic levels are added, there could be new feat to increase enhancement of the claws at least up to +5 (that would match monk ki strike progression) or maybe higher


I would say to absolutely merge items and add ways to increase enhancement to the claws.

  • The form is ‘toggled’ when Rage or Frenzy is used, meaning it’s impossible to gain the benefits of both and be in bear form all at the same time. The character I tested on managed to achieve 64 Strength while Raging/Frenzying when Bear Form was toggled out of, while Bear Form only had 52, as well as nearly 300 extra HP over Bear Form.

  • Rage and Frenzy still don’t seem to stack properly.

  • Bear Warrior’s description has a number of minor typos.

Aside from those things, the actual Class works just fine. Other than the typos and Rage/Frenzy not working together (which is a separate issue) there doesn’t seem to be any actual problems with it, just dubious usefulness,


rage and frenzy is not meant to stack btw, the fact and rage and mighty rage stacked was a bug and since mighty rage is in prc lite passive feat it is no longer possible either


Aah, I wasn’t aware. That makes taking excessive levels of both Berserker and Barbarian a bit redundant, then.

That’s disappointing, but I can see the logic. If Rage and Frenzy stacked, a properly built Weapon Master could swing for about 65 AB with a Devastating Critical DC that only a minmaxed Paladin or CoT could survive.


I haven’t found any new issues, but I do have a rather bold suggestion.

Warlock is an extremely interesting class, that in my mind, is weighed down by the lack of multiclassing options. In NWN, the only classes that are truly viable at max level without dips are the full casters, which Warlock isn’t. They have too few options. It’s possible to do some things, like mix in Champion of Bane, or Duelist, or Blackguard, but these are things that the Bard could do and have more versatility.

Looking it up, I could only find two PRCs made for the Warlock: Eldritch Theurge and Hellfire Warlock. Is there any chance of either of these being implemented? I think they’d go a long ways to making Warlock more appealing.


Hey, nice to see some feedback. I am currently not in mood for NWN right now and I don’t plan working on anything NWN related in near future.

I can at least reply to your comment. I found Warlock very interesting as well and I came to same conclusion. Right now you can (or should be able to) multiclass with Acolyte of the Skin and Loremaster. But yes I was looking into both Eldritch Theurge and Hellfire Warlock already…

Hellfire Warlock is very easy to implement but personally I find him quite uninteresting multiclass option (and also quite weird class) due to the 3 levels only and only and no good abilities (6d6 extra damage? adding metamagic into so rarely used wands and staffs? 10 extra fire resistance? and kind of fire damage shield spell that has reflex save and drains constitution?). Eldritch Theurge is much better but Eldritch Spellweave would be very problematic to implement. I am not sure how exactly is this supposed to work, I expect that this will only apply if target of the normal spell fails the SR/saving throw/touch attack - and thats the problem because that would require editing all spellscripts as I don’t see any good way how to do this otherwise. Easy solution would be to implement the invocation with none or secondary SR/save/touch attack check, but that seems weird…

Also, I think I will remove Bear Warrior, this class doesn’t fit nwn really, it would have to either merge weapons itemproperties on claws or allow monk gloves to be used within them to be usefull… I think for monk/barbarian fantasy the Frostrager prestige class that was brought in PRC 3.6 would be better fit. Hmm, seeing now PRC team added Brutal Thrown feat, this is something I done already but decided not to add it into PRC Lite as it would be too strong, but if they added it, then I will too. :sunglasses: