PRC Lite and NWNCX


Fair enough. The current version is perfectly stable as far as I’m aware HFW seems like a one-trick pony certainly, but it’s one of the few PRCs that seem to have been made for it.

As odd as it sounds, I can’t really disagree with removing Bear Warrior. Its usage seems extremely narrow, and most Barbarians/Frenzied Berserkers would benefit more from Weapon Master anyway, which Bear Warrior couldn’t make much use of without merging items into the form (I think?)

However, I’d suggest not removing it entirely, but instead removing it as a player-selectable class in the .2da so that if you change your mind it’s still there, and it doesn’t break anything by suddenly removing it going forward.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.


Thank you for your response to my topic in the download section of the forum about not being able to use natural spell. I did indeed use the NWNCX loader together with the nwncx_patch.dll. I tried this combined with and without the pcr_lite.dll. I just noticed nearly all the nwncx_patch.dll’s have different sizes. Maybe something went wrong because of this?!


Well when I tried it on my PC I got crash. Also it seems to be available for animal shape only. Not sure about dragon shape, but definitely not working with elemental shape.

Anyway, since it is crashing and I am in middle of another project right now, it will take some time to fix this…


Take your time. I am looking forward to it. Thank you!


Found the cause. Unfortunately, it means it cannot be fixed in easy way.

It actually works, except that engine is refreshing the inability to cast spells every so often (seems like 1-3seconds when character is not doing anything, and rappidly several times in row after polymorph was cast). This will take a lot of time to fix :confused:


That sounds like a nasty thing to solve! Good luck!


The invocation Dark One’s Own Luck gives a bonus to all saving throws instead of a single one as its description states. Warlocks don’t seem have many interesting feats to choose from especially at pre-epic levels. It would be nice to have some feats such as weapon focus and improved critical for ranged touch attacks like in NWN2 or even Extra Invocation. Ability focus (invocations) could also help for better DCs.


These are good suggestions but I kind of moved onto EE. I am not sure I will find a time to update this project anymore… sorry