PRC Lite and NWNCX


I vaguely understand how it works, if not the actual mechanics behind it. If it could be made to work, it would be a massive step forward for anyone interested in messing around with .2das, even if it can only be used with NWN “Classic”.


Stormlord does, in fact, work properly. I don’t know whether it’s because I tested it against an actual enemy, or I wasn’t noticing something was throwing me off. Either way, it was user error. I did discover another grammatical error, however, and a rather serious issue with Mystic Theurge that applies to all the other arcane PRCs.

“Increase” should be “increases” and “Increased” should be “increase”.

Mystic Theurge, Arcane Trickster, Pale Master and Harper Mage grant the character bonus spells per day, including new spell levels, but Wizard is unable to learn new spells from scrolls of these levels, making the classes useless to it

Example: I made a Mystic Theurge with 9 levels of Cleric and 3 of Wizard, the other 28 levels were Theurge. This qualified the character to know 9th level spells from both Cleric and Wizard, and they gained their Cleric spells as though they took levels in cleric normally. Wizard had 9th level spell slots in their book, but when I went to learn from a scroll, it said that I wasn’t the required level to learn the spell. The character had Wisdom and Intelligence of both 20+ without gear.


Hmm spell learning works for me, either the bug requires certain circumstances or it is because your nwn has old softcoded script for spell scroll learning - the script is inside community patch itself, and I am not sure when I did update the script in it. So maybe if you have rc1 and I updated it in rc2 then it won’t work.

I will add the script for learning directly into module so it won’t fail with older community patch base. I am now working on Sacred Fist and once I am finished I will release new version.

I was thinking about elemental savant class. I think it is too easy to fulfill prerequisities. The class should have extra feat prerequisite in PnP and thats feat Energy Substitution. That feat works basically like Archmage mastery of elements works but as metamagic instead. I understand why PRC didn’t implement this feat and I choose not to too. So I see two options:

  1. add as prerequisite need for 2 metamagic feats
  2. add as prerequisite need for Energy Resistance feat of Fire/Acid/Electrical/Cold - however this would be completely wasted feat and would also not make sense to take Fire and then become Water Elemental Savant, on the other hand this feat could basically replace the element selection at 1st level… what do you think?


It might be something on my end, I’ll try the latest version of the community patch when I test things again to make sure.

Personally, making the prerequisite 2 metamagic feats sounds more reasonable to me. Like you said, Energy Resistance would be a wasted feat when you get immunity to that from the class. Resist Energy also has a requirement that most pure casters would struggle to meet. Metamagic is something that every caster can find a use for.


Regarding Sacred Fist, there is an implementation of the Code of Conduit.

In PnP even carrying weapon makes character lose all class abilities. And that is until he makes a quest or something for atonement.

It makes no sense to be so strict in CRPG. I don’t know how this works in PRC, whether SF loses abilities only as long as he wields weapon or until rest. There is also another option and thats to implement this as in NWN2 where SF just gets -8 penalty to attacks with weapons and thats propably all.

So 3 options, I am more inclined to the “until rest” option. Suggestions?


A quest or atonement isn’t feasible for people playing single player, since such a thing would need to be taken into account by a module builder ahead of time.

I agree with the character losing abilities until they rest. That’s a notable penalty that requires a moment outside of combat to solve, but is something that can be done by the player without special systems in a module or oversight from a DM.

EDIT: I’ve installed the 1.72 rc3 version of the Community Patch Project and then installed the newer NWNCX patch from the PRC Lite and that solved the issue with Wizards not being able to learn from spells.


Ok new release with Sacred Fist. I know this class very well, it was very popular amongst players back in days I ran PRC server so I am happy to present it in PRC Lite. Please don’t forget to overwrite nwncx_patch that is inside the package. This is a newest version that has new features I required for this project.

I also changed some stuff, see the HISTORY in the project page.


I am not sure whether implementing racial type changes is good idea. I can imagine that Elemental Savant lvl 10 will be unable to complete some quest or even progress if the module was scripted specifically on basic races.

Scripting command ForceRest (some test modules might offer fast rest this way) will not enable Sacred Fist class abilities if player previously used weapon. It works only with proper rest right now.

Sacred Fist Damage Bonus gives me headaches. It should stack with monk, and it does, but there is a question if SF should extend the ability to work with light armor on monk or not. Right now, it works, ie. SF10+Monk6 wearing light armor will have unarmed damage 1d20 (or 2d6). But whether this is right or not can’t tell. It doesn’t stack with Shou Disciple (forgot about this one and realized just now so later). Also you might see messages about losing PC Unarmed Damage item whenever you are disallowed to use SF unarmed damage. This is vanilla debug I can’t turn off and it is a negative effect of workaround I used to do this. And another known issue, SF unarmed damage is not updated when encumbrance changes.

There should be no issues with AC and Speed. It should work perfectly even when character’s encumbrance status changes (by any way).


Changing the racial type -might- break something, if the module in question takes into account all of the standard races but doesn’t have any default in place. With dialog, though, the game defaults to the character’s actual base race instead of appearance or the sub-race entered. From a balance perspective, it should make the Elemental Savant require new feats for a Ranger to get their Favored Enemy bonuses.

Most of Sacred Fist seems to work, and I believe the character lost some class features when I equipped a weapon, however, they’re still able to use Sacred Flame and Inner Armor after a rest. The module I’m using to test might use ForceRest, so I’ll need to test outside of it at some point. Equipping a weapon gave me a message saying I lost features, however.

-Inner Armor’s description is a bit wonky.

-‘Invoke’ should probably be ‘Invokes’ and there shouldn’t be a reference to Sacred Flame.

-The description for Sacred Fist says that ‘1rd’ level spellcasting is required, it should say ‘3rd’.

-Fist of Iron doesn’t work at all. When I go to activate it, it says I can’t perform that action on a friendly target. Going to a PvP enabled area and using it there also doesn’t seem to do anything, not even take up a daily use. It seems to target the user.

-Sacred Speed’s description should read ‘The Sacred Fist’s speed increases’ rather than ‘The Sacred Fist speed increased’

-Epic Sacred Fist and Sacred Fist Code of Conduct are missing feat icons.


I checked PGC and it uses the mentioned ForceRest…

I fixed the rest issues you reported. Will update it the moment I fix also issue with feat uses I found (feat uses of Sacred Flame/Improptu Sneak breaks after restart).


new version released, added: Acolyte of the Skim, Shining Blade of Heironeous and Red Avenger

Note, that the Acolyte’s bonuses to abilities will show up green but they will not count towards +12 cap, therefore while they aren’t completely permanent as one would expect, they function the same. I choosed this approach to avoid using database and also to avoid making characters invalid (not that big deal in singleplayer, but this allows to use this class on PW with Enforce Legal Characters=1 which is big plus).


Testing now.

-Shining Blade has a lot of issues regarding ability descriptions and names. None of its abilities or feats have proper English names, Shock Blade is missing an icon and doesn’t appear under Shining Blade’s radial menu, but appears on the top level next to the other classes. Shock Blade functions properly, however. Holy and Brilliant Blade don’t seem to work properly, even when fighting an Evil aligned enemy.

-Iron Fist now works properly.

-I noticed a sharp decrease in speed when equipping a weapon with Sacred Fist to accompany the message that I lost class abilities, however I still had access to Sacred Flame and Inner Armor. I still need to test on a module without ForcedRest

-Stunning and Deadly Shout lack icons.

-Red Avenger and Acyolyte of the Skin are erroneously able to select Dual-Wield as a feat

Other than a few missing icons, Red Avenger works totally as intended.

-Fiendish Glare does not stun opponents.

-Summon Fiend does not summon a creature, though the combat log says it does.

EDIT: The “Attack 2” that appears on the character sheet for characters with Sacred Fist levels actually interferes with item properties on the character’s gauntlets. Example: Damage bonuses on gauntlets or gloves only apply to the “normal” attack, and Sacred Fist will seemingly only use “Attack 2” until a weapon is equipped and they lose their class features for the day.


First of all thanks for extensive testing, I didn’t have time for that yesterday. I released it blindly after just completing 2da and scripting.

The fact that the feat is not under new radial menu is normal. NWN engine creates class “menu” only when there is more than 1 class feat. I will fix rest issues though.

what do you mean by that exactly? When i was testing this, when equipping weapon sacred flame and inner armor uses dropped to 0. This doesn’t happen for you? Or you mean that if character won’t lose ongoing effects - because I forgot about that case, will fix.

hmm this is big problem, i just re-tested myself and were unable to even get damage roll higher than 10 which means that my character never uses the attack2 and the unarmed damage is not working at all, this will require some more time to deal with…


I’m happy to help however I can, even if it’s just bug testing. A version of the PRC that works well and can be easily installed is something I’ve wanted for a very long time.

-I didn’t know that radial menus worked that way, or at the very least, I never noticed it until now. Good to know.

-When equipping a weapon on a character with Sacred Fist levels, they lose their Attack 2 and movement speed bonus, but their daily uses of Sacred Flame and Inner Armor do not deplete to zero. I’m still testing with the PGC3 with the mod installed, but I can’t imagine ForceRest would stop the daily uses from being forced to zero, even if it blocks me from getting the abilities back.


Ok I uploaded new version 1.7:

It should fix incorrect feat text references, missing feat icons, shining blade abilities, ranger dual wield feat being selectable, acolyte abilities (didn’t test but it had same issue that fixed shining blade so should work).

Two-weapon defense feats should now provide shield AC as per description (was deflection). The AC will not stack with shield AC bonuses from spells like Mage Armor (this is intentional, I don’t think it should stack).

It should also fix the unarmed damage with sacred fist, at least it worked for me. However you might need to get rid of the old PC unarmed damage item - to do that, equip weapon, unequip, rest. That should give you new PC unarmed damage which should show in character sheet as Attack1. (I am more and more inclined to just do this using NWNX but still not decided yet. NWNX would allow to modify unarmed damage seemlessly, however initially I wanted to use nwnx only when there is no other choice to make it at least partially usable without it…)

ForceRest should now recalculate all effects - but you need to overwrite the nwncx_patch included in v 1.7 to make this work.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with SF feat uses not dropping to zero when he equips weapon and I don’t understand why is this happening to you. If this still happens, could you send me saved game before and after?

Btw, currently the shining blade abilities works only on single longsword. I was wondering, if the spell shouldn’t be cast-able on weapon directly and if he shouldn’t be able to dual wield 2 enhanced longswords. I am not sure how this works in original PRC but in manuals there is no mention of being limited to single weapon.


-Shining Blade’s class abilities now function correctly.

-Not exactly a ‘real’ bug, but the class’s full name extends past the window in the save menu.

-All characters seem to start with 0 uses of class abilities. Resting in a module with a ForceRest script causes a hard game crash. Editing the module to remove the OnRest script fixed this.

-Fist of Iron’s uses per day might be calculated incorrectly. At Level 40 with a Wisdom mod of 17, I got 43 uses. Also, if it’s a target ability that adds damage to one attack, should it say it has a duration in its description?

-Sacred Flame’s damage bonus might be calculated incorrectly. With 28 levels of Sacred Fist and a 17 Wisdom Mod, it adds 20 Divine and 20 fire damage.

-Code of Conduct works correctly, however, while the code is unbroken, the character doesn’t receive any benefits from their gloves such as damage. When the code is broken, they receive these bonuses.

-Acolyte of The Skin’s Wear Fiend and Symbiosis overwrite attribute bonuses from armor, even if they’re not of the same kind. I.E, a robe with +12 intelligence won’t apply that bonus, even though neither of those feats should touch it.

-Fiendish Glare and Summon Fiend now work as intended.

Here’s a video showing off the issues I could find with Sacred Fist. (I had used Fist of Iron once before recording which is why it shows as 42 instead of 43 like I said above.)

Whether or not Shining Blade’s abilities can work with more than one sword equipped is entirely your call. It would open up options for character building, but I can see it becoming extremely unbalanced. I had thought that the +20 to hit was only against Evil opponents, rather than a raw bonus. A character with Shining Blade and either Weapon Master or Tempest dual-wielding would be an extraordinarily dangerous melee character.


Everything should work now in v 1.8.

I removed the unarmed damage workaround. I have no idea why it was causing these issues, and even if that was solveable (how does it work in original PRC?) I think it is not worth it.

I replaced the code and now it uses nwnx. Don’t forget to update nwncx_patch.

Some new stuff to discuss:

The sacred flame has a damage cap (this cap was in original PRC too), because the maximum bonus to damage that can be added by script is 20 (without nwnx). There are 3 choices here, code a new nwnx feature that allows to do more than 20 (I decided thats too much work for little benefit), or apply the damage exceeding 20 as a new effect (ie. in character sheet you will see fire damage 20 and fire damage 5 (or whatever) under it, it will be calculated together correctly, it will just not be as pretty in character sheet), or impose a cap, the ability is extremely powerful anyway (isn’t it? :slight_smile:).

Feat uses. I fixed bug that made any newly acquired feats have 0 uses until rest. However, some of the feats doesn’t get increased their uses on class level up. This is contrary to the original PRC and partially a side effect of my change in way how engine calculates feat uses (which I had to do to allow modifications into feat uses via nwnx). Original PRC uses a method presented in vanilla and thats a chain of feats each with different number of uses and each feat is acquired by class on different level. When that happens, player levelling up will see the something like Sacred Flames 3uses, Sacred Flames 3 or Sacred Flames 3x etc. in the levelup confirmation window. After levelling up the old feat is replaced by new feat and thus feat uses will get increased to maximum. In PRC lite, to make things easier for me to script and code I use a method of single feat. You get this feat at the proper level and after that you won’t see it in level up confirmation window (which is a little drawback, I like to see that some feedback, anyway…), the feat uses are then increased by nwnx. While I had the option to restore feat uses to max automatically after levelup I decided it is probably not what should happen. Therefore the feat uses will not increase until rest. I suppose this isn’t set in stone and I can change this behavior but you would have to bring some heavy arguments :slight_smile:.

EDIT: I forgot to fix one issue I found myself, consider this as known issue: the ability increases from classes seems to get lost and aren’t re/applied when loading saved game. For now, level up or down that will force recalculation…


It might be a day or so before I can sit down to properly test again, but what do you mean by ability increases? Feat uses per-day, or ability score increases like from Acolyte of The Skin? They both seem like a bother, but if it’s the former, that seems more pressing.

Also, a thought occurred to me and I tried to test, but wasn’t able to come to a conclusion; does Impromptu Sneak Attack take Crippling Strike into account? It’s difficult to say since most things at level 40 that can survive 7 uses of Impromptu tend to have rather high strength. I noticed that it takes into account Improved Sneak attack, at least.

Without spending the time to create a creature for the sole purpose of testing (Which I could do eventually, I’m just being lazy) or managing to run another client with NWN CX (Which I can’t get to work) I can’t tell.


seems all PRC feat bonuses don’t work after loading save game (where they were applied)

Im fairly certain it will.

btw don’t bother testing 1.8 it is bugged quite critically (crashing), I have no idea why I didn’t notice this yesterday…


New version released.

Now all issues should be fixed finally.

Also I changed way how racial type changes again. Now the change to racial type is “raw”. Ie, everything in NWN will consider you a member of that race, all spells, feats, scripts.


Sacred Fist now functions as intended. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issues I found earlier.

-However, the Racial Type change has a very odd issue. Upon loading a game, the character’s model is replaced with a Balor. I haven’t checked what happens with Elemental Savant, but I’m assuming it’s got a similar issue.

-Archmage’s Mastery of Elements seems to be broken again, the damage type wouldn’t change for spells cast by my 25 Wizard/10 Acylote/ 5 Archmage

-In addition, saving and loading seems to break Spell-Like Ability some times. I stored Time Stop, saved, and loaded the game. The spell is still stored and the VFX from the spell fires off, but there’s no effect. NOTE/EDIT: I was unable to reproduce this after reloading several times. This might just be a fluke.

I should also mention that Acolyte of the Skin’s ability increases seem to function properly and stack with items now.

Save here. Name is what it is because I was using the same slot to test Sacred Fist previously.