PRC Lite and NWNCX


version 2.7 released


  • Duelist
  • epic progression for Black Flame Zealot class
  • new general feat Lingering Damage
  • fixed offhand attacks
  • fixed epic loremaster feat name and description
  • fixed death of enemies feat name, description and dc
  • minor improvements in class/feat descriptions

Lingering Damage
Type of Feat: Epic, General
Prerequisite: Sneak attack +8d6, crippling strike class feature.
Specifics: Any time you deal damage with a sneak attack, that target takes damage equal to your sneak attack bonus damage on your next turn as well.
Use: Automatic.
Selectable by: Rogue, Assassin, Arcane Trickster, Blackguard, Black Flame Zealot (all as epic bonus feat)
Remarks: deals magic damage as the damage type should be something like bleeding, ie should not be reduced by damage reduction/resistance which would happen if I set the damage type to physical. EDIT: also it seems I implemented it as once per round instead of anytime. Maybe it is better this way, if implemented properly the feat would be extremely overpowered imo.

Please try BFZ and Improved Death Attack again now. Also, the old BFZ character will end up without BFZ class sneak attack feats. You will need to delevel BFZ and take it again to get new sneak attack feats.


Need to go back and check BFZ, but I tried out the Duelist.

  • Canny Defense and Precise Strike don’t seem to function.

  • Elaborate Parry gives a bonus to AC, but only Dexterous Fighting Mode seems to be available. It works as a toggle and neither option gives a bonus to Parry.


Assassin does qualify for BFZ after checking. Death of Enemies also works correctly now. Fast Healing 1-3 work properly.

  • Black Flame Zealot can take Dual-Wield as a feat.

  • Improved Death Attack is still not selectable.

  • Bulwark of Defense is not selectable

  • Chaotic Rage applies the damage bonus, but there’s a Bad Strref. strreff

  • Un/holy Strike works, but applies the damage to unarmed attacks as well.

EDIT 2: Loremaster abilities now work as intended.


Ah I forgot to change description - I decided to drop the parry skill bonus option, the whole feat was house ruled by original class creator anyway and parry is somewhat useless so I decided that this will provide effect of “Fighting Defensively” + the bonus to the AC from class level.

Before I fix this. Is it certain it shouldn’t work for unarmed? Yes it is true descrption says “Any weapon your wield”. However, dnd rules also says “An unarmed strike is always considered a light weapon.”.

finally found why it didn’t work thanks I will fix this


Whether or not Un/holy strike should require a weapon is up to you, I thought it was worth mentioning. There’s very few situations where an unarmed character would really benefit from it that I can predict. I don’t think it’s too much of an issue.


i was also thinking about the perform requirement on duelist class, maybe it would be better to remove it because in NWN only bard can take it, even worse no other vanilla class can take it as cross-class either. In DnD 3.5 everyone can take it as cross class and it is class skill for both rogue and monk two classes that fit duelist the most. Of course I could just edit the classes to have that skill as class skill but just dropping that requirement is probably better option…
EDIT: I will change it to require 3 points in parry skill


Switching the requirement to Parry seems like the best option. My first instinct was to play around with mixing Tempest and Duelist or Weapon Master and Duelist, but requiring Perform severely limits what can be done with the class.


version 2.7b released


  • added new general feat Two Weapon Rend
  • Duelist now requires 3 ranks in Parry skill instead of Perform
  • all class bonuses to skills and saving throws should now be uncapped
  • fixed duelist’s Canny Defense, it will now properly increase dexterity modifier and thus this ac bonus will follow same rules as ac from dexterity (ie, uncanny dodge feat applies)
  • fixed duelist’s Precise Strike
  • corrected duelist’s Elaborate Parry feat description
  • reworked Chaotic Rage - it should apply the damage bonus as effect now
  • damage type of Holy and Unholy Strike changed to physical
  • Holy and Unholy Strike should no longer apply when fighting unarmed
  • Black Flame Zealot will no longer be able to take ranger’s dual-wield feat.
  • Improved Death Attack and Bulwark of Defense should now be selectable.

Two-Weapon Rend
Prerequisites: Dex 15+, base attack bonus +9, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting.
Benefit: If you hit an opponent with a weapon in each hand in the same round, you may automatically rend the opponent. This deals additional damage equal to the base damage of the smaller weapon plus 1 ½ times your Strength modifier. Base weapon damage includes an enhancement bonus on damage, if any. You can only rend once per round, regardless of how many successful attacks you make.
Use: Automatic
Selectable by: everyone, Fighter, Ranger, Duelist, Eldritch Knight as bonus feat
Remarks: deals magic damage from same reason as lingering damage, also was thinking that Black Flame Zealot should maybe get it as epic bonus feat?

There is known issue with Precise Strike. Character sheet only shows +2d6 Physical even though it should be more. That is, if the module doesn’t use CEP2, if module uses CEP2 you should see 3d6/4d6/5d6/6d6 properly. But if module is not using CEP2 it will show only 2d6. This is visual issue only, I tested it and the damage is applied correctly. This is happening because in vanilla highest damage bonus effect you can grant is 2d6, I didn’t want to modify the 2da that defines these values to not break compatibility with modules using custom nonCEP2 version of that 2da. So script in fact grants the total precise strike bonus as sums of 2d6 and 1d6 (ie it will apply 2d6 + 2d6 instead of 4d6). This however for some reason isn’t seen in character sheet.

It is possible that similar character sheet issue might happen when precise strike will be used with holy strike/unholy strike/chaotic rage. Untested.

Also Precise Strike applies against everyone, while DnD rules states it works only against creatures without immunity to critical hits. I can implement this correctly using nwnx, however I thought this is probably not needed. The feat doesn’t seem overpowered to me and neither duelist class itself.


I’ll go through things again when I get the chance, but I agree with Precise Strike applying to everything. Duelist is a very niche class that relies on both a focus on Dexterity and usage of piercing weapons, making the character functionally useless against undead or crit immune enemies in melee. Making it a pure damage bonus against everything helps to counteract a very large weakness characters of this sort would otherwise have.


Btw you can use combat debugging to test class bonuses to the damage, ab or ac:

write into chat:
##DebugMode 1
and then
##dm_enablecombatdebugging 1


Both Bulwark of Defense and Improved Death Attack work as intended.

All that should be left currently is Two-Weapon Rend, Righteous Strike and Improved Death Arrow.


I found out I implemented duelist’s canny defense and precisee strike incorrectly.

Right now both abilities works only when not dualwielding or using double weapon and the weapon in right hand must be light piercing weapon.

Canny Defense should work with two handed/double or dual wielding as well.
Precise strike says “light weapon or one-handed piercing” that means it should work with light hammer or morningstar for example. So you don’t have to report this…


I should have been double-checking Duelist in any case, but it slipped my mind.

  • Righteous Strike doesn’t seem to do anything. There’s no reference to it in the log with Debug Mode enabled, and there’s no bonus on the character sheet.


try with good alignment, it seems it errorneously checks good instead of lawful


That did it, the character I was using was Lawful Neutral. I switched to Chaotic Good and it showed up after equipping gloves.


Improved Death Arrow and Two-Weapon Rend both seem to work as intended.

In addition, Greater Two-Weapon and Perfect Two-Weapon fighting seem to work, but the 4th offhand attack doesn’t seem to happen in succession with the first three. The added attacks don’t show up on the character sheet, and don’t seem to take Monk into account. I don’t believe this is a bug, as even with Ranger/Monk cheese a character with full BAB, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and Haste could only get up to 10 APR.

I thought it was worth mentioning as the first place my mind went when I saw the feats was if a Ranger/Monk could get 14+ APR, as that would be hilariously broken, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting does seem to allow up to 4 attacks with the off hand, which is what a normal character could achieve under normal circumstances (disregarding Haste). Maybe the description should say it allows up to four attacks, rather than “as many as with your primary weapon”? This would be more accurate and less likely to confuse people who want to break things with dual-kama cheese.


This is actually bug in my implementation, it should be possible to make it work as descriptions says but I agree that it would be too overpowered. I will therefore change the description to “4 off-hand attacks” to prevent confusion.


version 2.7c released, just minor fixes:

  • acolyte of the skin will be able to select battle caster feat (if player took warlock base class)
  • duelist’s canny defense will now work with any melee weapon not just with light piercing one
  • duelist’s precise strike will now work with any light melee weapon or one-handed piercing weapon as per description
  • vorpal strike and death of enemies feats will now respect CPP module switch 72_DEVAST_ONCE_PER_TARGET and also immunity to devast granted by variable IMMUNITY_DEVAST
  • fixed righteous strike not checking lawful alignment

Note for the 72_DEVAST_ONCE_PER_TARGET, this of course counts as “one roll per target per each ability” so player that would somehow had devastating critical (unarmed), death of enemies and vorpal strike will force enemy creature to roll fort saving throw 3 times at first critical hit each time for different feat with different dc, after that critical hits won’t trigger these effects on same creature. There is a question whether this should stack anyway, having more than 1 chance to instantly kill target especially without that module switch set is quite overpowered.


I’m not sure a check matters much, considering the three feats are all but mutually exclusive. I can theoretically see a character being able to take more than one, but they’d be unable to do anything else, and I can’t imagine they could trigger the feats reliably.

  • Acolyte of the Skin’s description says it requires “5rd” level spells when it should say “3rd”.

  • Canny Defense still doesn’t seem to do anything.

Other than that, everything seems to work fine.


Version 2.7d released.


  • fixed special attacks not decrementing uses when they miss
  • canny defense should finally work

not a bug, this is intentional - latest DnD source says 5th but yeah there is typo small typo…


Everything appears to work properly now. If I find any issues when I play around with the classes I’ll let you know.