PRC Lite and NWNCX


Version 2.7e released:


  • fixed bug in previous fix for special attacks uses decrementing - turned out all special attacks attempted to decrement stunning feat uses allowing to use them endlessly
  • description of BFZ/AT sneak damage changed to match vanilla rogue/BG sneak description
  • feats that requires specific alignment will no longer be selectable without this alignment
  • reworked feat requirements for sneak attack, this is now controlled via NWNX and will stack rogue sneak, BG sneak, assassin death attack, improved sneak attack and any custom content sneak attack (in our case Arcane Trickster and BFZ) together
  • removed system feat you might seen in feat list previously
  • disabled metamagic from two warlock invocations (metamagic should not be useable on invocations)
  • new icon for practiced spellcaster (warlock)
  • removed black background from warlock class icon
  • new icons for elemental savant and loremaster classes
  • colored icons for Warlock, Favored Soul, Arcane Trickster, Mystic Theurge, Harper Mage, Duelist, Champion of Bane, Eldritch Knight, Stormlord, Tempest, Sacred Fist, Red Avenger
  • fixed stunning fist not working on targets with more hitdice (nwncx_patch issue)
  • fixed stunning fist DC calculation - was missing the initial 10 value (nwncx_patch issue)

Special thanks to TheBarbarian for new icons!

Also, this release includes new experimental nwncx_patch feature to implement DnD rules for initiative. This is automatic and should make character who loses initiative to be flatfooted against his attacker(s).

I tested this 1vs1 PC against NPC with combat debugging enabled and it worked properly. However further testing is required. This will basically enable sneak attacks on first flurry and also it will ignore target’s dodge/dexterity. So overally pretty neat buff to dexterity based characters and to initiative feats which are in vanilla absolutely useless.

Extended info for sneak attack feat requirement: previously, when player character acquired total 8 sneak feats from any source I granted him system feat that allowed him to take any feat that requires 8d6 sneak (improved sneak attack, lingering damage, sneak attack of opportunity). SImilarly with improved death attack that needed 5d6 sneak.
This had two limitations:

  1. it made character illegal by the eyes of ELC (that is not an issue in singleplayer at all but it is something to keep in mind)
  2. it didn’t allow player to take the improved sneak attack/lingering damage at the level where player gained the combination of 8d6 sneak, only at next level granting feat to be taken.

Both limitations are now gone, player will be able to select improved sneak attack on the same level where he acquire 8d6 sneak and system feats are gone too.

When I was testing this with older saves, I ran into the issue though. It is possible that some of the old characters that had levels in Arcane Trickster/BFZ will not be able to take it. You might need to re-level them because in first versions they got only 1 sneak feat and this system is not counting levels in classes but how many sneak feats player has.

Also note that the new feat requirements are client side for now. Therefore if ran in multiplayer, player that wouldn’t use NWNCX could select improved sneak attack at lvl 21 without 8d6 sneak. This will be resolved later…


Two issues I just noticed.

  • Archmage is able to select Dual-Wield as a feat.

  • Wizard is unable to select Practiced Spellcaster (Wizard).

While not a bug, Archmage is really, really good. Arguably broken good, as with Practiced Spellcaster and Spell Power I a character can totally nullify the ‘lost’ caster levels from taking Pale Master, negating that class’s one major disadvantage over something like Elemental Savant or Acolyte of the Skin. This is in addition to Archmage’s already very useful class abilities.

In fairness, you have to build the character with max level in mind and due to the order in which you have to take the levels, it’s not feasible in a normal, single player module or in a multiplayer setting in which you spend a significant amount of time below level 40.


I agree that Archmage is extremely usefull class with high universality. But I wouldn’t call it overpowered. There is one disadvantage actually. If you want to use Archmage to mitigate other prestige class disadvantage/limitation such as Pale Master then you end up with 3 classes that doesn’t grant any good skills. You won’t be able to pump Tumble, rogue skills and discipline.


Version 2.7f released


  • fixed archmage being able to select dual wield feat
  • fixed wizard not being able to select practiced spellcaster (wizard) feat
  • fixed warlock not being able to select ambidexterity, two-weapon fighting and deflect arrow feats
  • changed saving throw of vorpal strike to reflex (was fortitude)
  • duelist’s feats Thug and Improved Initiative replaced for new feat Improved Reaction granting the same benefit but allowing to take the vanilla initiative feats with it (won’t be changed automatically for pre-existing duelist characters, relevelling is required)
  • fixed CPP 1.72 module switches activated in other SP modules to work automatically with PRC Lite


Version 2.8 released


  • Red Wizard of Thay
  • Frenzied Berserker
  • new general feat Epic Resilience
  • fast healing epic feat will now grant the regeneration per round not 1 minute

Epic Resilience
Type of Feat: Epic, General
Prerequisite: Toughness, Epic Toughness
Specifics: You no longer automatically fail saving throws on a roll of 1. Of course, you will still fail the save if your result fails to equal or beat the DC.
Use: Automatic.
Selectable by: everyone
Remarks: Homebrew feat (ie. made up and not from DnD rules), feat appeared first in BG2:ToB and then in NWN2, while homebrew I think that generally it fits with other epic feats in power. Some module designers might not like it since this can therefore grant complete immunity to special saving throw-based builds but module designers have always the choice to disable any class and feat they dislike (in multiplayer at least). For player this makes perfect sense.

Some additional notes and remarks for this release:

Red Wizard of Thay:

  • unlike original PRC class doesn’t require tatoo focus (in DnD this feat is obtained for free from another member of the class so it makes no sense to force player to spend one feat for this)
  • unlike original PRC, my implementation uses the vanilla spell school specialization. This means that only specialized wizard can enter this class, nobody else. And on 1st level player must choose secondary prohibited school (in original PRC player selects two, but it doesn’t check his original specialized school so he can end up with 3 prohibited schools) - game shouldn’t let player to select his specialized school nor his 1st prohibited school
  • unlike NWN2 (which follows 3.5 rules) spell power grants +1DC and +1penetration, I usually do things based on 3.5 rules which are more balanced however in this exact case that +1dc is imo what this class is about and why players takes it, so I kept the 3.0 implementation from original PRC
  • red wizard can still cast already known spells that belongs to the secondary prohibited school and this applies to scrolls as well (this is intented by DnD rules however due to balance I might change this in future, suggestions welcome)

Frenzied Berserker

  • unlike original PRC deathless frenzy gives immunity to death, this should make the class more useable in soloplay and singleplayer, the PnP effect of ignoring death by minus hitpoints doesn’t really make much sense - since the minus hitpoits are applied after rage ends, without lots of healing potions (which in rage you shouldn’t be able to use) you die after combat anyway. In multiplayer this only leads to ressurection abuses so I think it is better to use NWN2 implementation of this ability
  • unlike original PRC the bonus attack from frenzy will stack with haste - I felt this is a good compromise for the deathless frenzy change
  • inspire frenzy doesn’t require saving throw anymore - the description of this ability in rules states that this only applies to willing allies and if someone is willing then he doesn’t need to roll. In NWN I consider all allies to be willing.
  • overally made several improvements into the automatical forced attack - unlike original PRC this will be able to attack enemies in invisibility (if you are close to them to “see” them) and it will not happen while fighting someone - so no more target swapping like in original PRC


I haven’t been here for a bit, but I did get your message, but only just a few moments ago. I’ve been going through Aielund Saga with PRC Lite and It works properly so far, but I haven’t gotten to a point where I can play with the new classes or feats much yet. So it’s better to say that installing the .hak into Part 1 didn’t break anything. I’m going to be starting Part 2 tomorrow and I’ll probably get to mess around with the new dual-wield feats and Arcane Trickster.

As for these classes:

I generally don’t play full casters, but Red Wizard seems fine. I don’t generally play Full Casters, but PRC Lite already gives an option for Casters to increase their effective Caster Level (Practiced Caster), but considering that the character losses access to all future spells of a second school, +1 to DC and Penetration seems like a fair tradeoff.

I’m a bit disappointed that the NWN2 version of Deathless Frenzy was chosen, but I understand the reasoning. Especially for singleplayer, the PnP version doesn’t make any sense. Letting the extra attack stack with Haste seems like a good idea regardless.

Epic Resilience seems fine to me. Epic Toughness is nearly worthless, and a number of servers I’ve played on have made 1s not an automatic failure.

My thoughts are a bit scrambled right now, but I’ll try to test these soon.


yo btw I forgot to note that the frenzy bonus to strength is uncapped, will probably to do same with barbarian rage bonuses


Tried out Berserker first, because 1, I thought it’d be easier to see if something was wrong, and 2, I just like the class.

  • Both Frenzy and Improved Frenzy give the proper bonuses and force auto-attack when near NPCs. However, in my testing module, a single use depleted all uses. When I later when to my version of Aielund Saga to test Inspire Frenzy on companions, each use only took one use.

  • Cancel Frenzy doesn’t seem to work. At level forty, there’s about a 75% chance to succeed with 15 Will, and none of my attempts did anything.

  • Deathless Frenzy lacks an icon.

  • Deathless Frenzy’s description is the PnP version, rather than saying the character gains an immunity to death effects.

  • Deathless Frenzy -does- give the Death Magic Immunity effect, but it’s honestly pretty hard to test whether it works at max level.

  • Frenzied Berserker gains their own version of Improved Power Attack, but it doesn’t show up on the radial menu.

  • Will Saves are rolled naturally when standing around in Frenzy, and nothing happens despite succeeding.

  • Inspire Frenzy doesn’t recognize that the character is Frenzied, and thus doesn’t work.


aha, I have an idea why you getting these issues despite it all worked correctly for me during development

just before release I realized I didn’t implement instant rage feat to work with frenzy, because the way it works it is then probably not recognized properly in inspire and cancel frenzy

so before I fix this try get instant rage feat, that should make it work properly, the immunity to death is going to work, if icons effect appears its certain


You’re right, I didn’t pick up Instant Rage with the character. I’ll try that next.

Eventually, I’m going to try and trawl the .tlk for descriptions and prerequisites for the new feats, since some of them are a bit difficult to get without knowing what they need in advance and there’s no resource included that explains all of them.

I’m going to test Red Wizard later tonight, but I’m popping in right now to say that I absolutely agree with uncapping Barbarian Rage. I’ve seen this done before on very high level servers, and without it, Barbarians become useless at max level when they have access to high-end gear and buffs, because Rage bonuses count toward the +12 attribute cap. At low levels, uncapping it will be unnoticed, and at high levels, Barbarians are still useful because they still get their bonuses.


I just checked, and everything seems to work fine when the character has Instantaneous Rage.

EDIT: There’s no ‘Tattoo Focus’ feat, and it’s impossible to select Red Wizard without it. Looking through the .tlk, the class description is the only place it comes up, too.


red wizard in PRCLite doesn’t require Tatoo Focus, thats just tlk issue I copied texts from original PRC and didn’t edit it yet

are you sure that you are human, wizard and choosed a spell school to specialize into ?


The character I tried with was a Gnome, I’ll try again later with a Human. The description should be edited to remove reference to Tattoo Focus and list Human as a requirement. It should also be made more clear that a non-Generalist Wizard is required.


Yes definitely. I already edited this for next version. However that Human race is requirement was there noted already. Wasn’t it?


It does indeed list Human as a requirement, I just missed it somehow. My bad. Red Wizard seems to half work. The already prohibited school is selectable as a choice for Red Wizard, allowing you to negate the class’s drawback.

When you select a different prohibited school, it works properly, however.
Spell Power up to +15 seems to function properly as well.

However, Specialist Defense doesn’t seem to do anything. As well, Arcane Defense doesn’t seem to function, nor does the bonus to saves against spells that Spellcraft should give.

Also, references to Circle Magic should be removed from the description as well if the implementation won’t have it.


Ok thanks. I will need some time to fix all of this, though I have idea why saving throws doesn’t work (another last-minute problem…).

And yea, I don’t intent to implement Circle Magic, it has no meaning in NWN (at least if restricted for this class only).

Next update will probably take me a while as I decided to add some new spells and vanilla class changes (spellbooks for BG/assassin maybe harper and uncapped rage/defensive stance). Currently I am only going to make changes that will improve weak classes and in way it doesn’t break already existing characters, so I am not going to turn Pale Master into his 3.5 DnD version as that would prevented the old good powerbuilds like rogue/pm bard/pm cleric/pm etc.

If you have some suggestions for this kind of content let me know.


I was actually planning on merging WodahsEht’s Prestige Spellbook Pack into PRC Lite for personal use once this was finished, but if you’re doing something similar, that actually saves me trouble. Funnily enough, I did mess around with the Spellbook Pack and a very early version of PRC Lite and could do silly things like Assassin counting as an Arcane Caster.

If you could get permission to roll his changes into PRC Lite, that would save you trouble. If not, his implementation and choice of spells was actually really nice.

For other changes, I’d suggest:

  • Definitely uncap Rage and Defensive Stance, this will make them far more useful at high level.

  • Give Assassin HiPS at level 8 like PnP. With HiPS and a modest spellbook like in WodahsEht’s mod, it’d be about as close to PnP as you can get. I think that even then it’s not quite as good as just using Rogue or Shadow Dancer, however. But it would be extremely fun to play.

  • If you’re adding new spells, something like Dimension Door for Arcane casters would be appreciated. It feels odd to me that Warlock and Black Flame Zealot have something like this, but the base classes don’t.

I can’t think of any other major changes to make to classes, though. I feel like Purple Dragon Knight and Eye of Gruumsh deserve a boost, but I can’t think of anything. Shou Disciple also feels redundant with the inclusion of Tempest and Greater/Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting.


Version 2.9 released


Big update to vanilla classes:

  • rage benefits are now uncapped (str, con, will)
  • mighty rage is passive feat which improves normal rage benefits and is gained automatically at lvl 20
  • gained Animal Empathy as class skill
  • gained woodland stride at lvl 7
  • gained evasion at lvl 9
  • gained hips (nature areas only) at lvl 17
    Dwarven Defender:
  • defensive stance benefits are now uncapped (but not the +4AC right now - discussion needed)
  • gained Hide as class skill
  • lost the vanilla spell-like abilities, but gained real spellbook and casting ability
  • therefore blackguard can now fulfill divine spellcasting requirements of some prestige classes (paladin-like, wisdom based)
    Blackguard spell selection:
    Level 1: cure light wounds, doom, scare, summon creature i, protection from alignment, divine favor, inflict light wounds, bane, magic weapon, corrupt weapon
    Level 2: bull’s strength, cure moderate wounds, darkness, summon creature ii, eagle’s splendor, ultravision, inflict moderate wounds
    Level 3: contagion, cure serious wounds, poison, protection from elements, summon creature iii, inflict serious wounds, greater magic weapon
    Level 4: cure critical wounds, fear, freedom of movement, summon creature iv, inflict critical wounds
  • gained PnP Death Attack at 1st level, HIPS at 8th level
  • lost the vanilla spell-like abilities, but gained real spellbook and casting ability
  • therefore assassin can now fulfill arcane spellcasting requirements of some prestige classes (bard-like, intelligence based)
    Assassin spell selection:
    Level 1: expeditious retrieval, ironguts, protection from alignment, sleep, true strike
    Level 2: cat’s grace, darkness, fox’s cunning, ghostly visage, ghoul touch, invisibility
    Level 3: blade thirst, deep slumber, displacement, hold person, keen edge, magic circle against alignment, poison
    Level 4: clairaudience/clairvoyance, freedom of movement, improved invisibility, mass camouflage, vampiric touch
    Few changes in spellbooks: basically ranger and druid gained few already existing spells into their selections or their level was changed (based on 3.5 rules)
    New spells: Summon Nature’s Ally I-IX, Spike Stones, Break Enchantment, Foresight, Lesser Orb, Orb, Polayr Ray, Agnazzar’s Scorcher, Mass spells (cure, inflict, ultravision, contagion, drown), heroism, greater heroism, corrupt weapon, longstrider, call lightning storm, baleful polymorph, fire seeds, nature avatar, improved mage armor, lion heart, deep slumber, whirlwind, shout, greater shout, goodberry, magic stone
    New feats: Nature Spell, Improved Rapid Shot, Crossbow Sniper, Combat Archery
  • removed redundant and confusing info from description of red wizard and frenzied berserker class/abilities
  • red wizard’s bonus dc+penetration will now work only for spells from his specialized school
  • fixed names of the red wizard school feats (with this, game should not let you choose 1st opposite school as additional prohibited one as expected)
  • fixed frenzy related stuff not working properly without instant rage feat
  • fatigue effects reimplemented as a new effect with icon
  • added missing deathless frenzy icon
  • added few icons from Tauredor
    EDIT: also harper scout has spellbook now

I only solidly tested new druid spells, new spells that aren’t available for druid might be buggy. I didn’t have enought time to go through them all.

Also I didn’t have time to prepare more info for all new stuff. I recommend using for checking what new spells/feats do and then once acquired check with spell description (which differs in some cases from DnD rules - usually to make it more simplified/balanced/useful).

Specific notes:

Summon Nature’s Ally is just dupe of Summon Monster spells but it has one additional advantage. Druid can cast it spontaneously like cleric cure spells.

Improved Mage Armor grants +2 ac to all 4 types. This differs from origina PRC where vanilla mage armor was changed to grant +4 AC Armor. This is not in PRC Lite and thus I had to make my own implementation to make this spell useful but not overpowered.

Fire Seeds - currently it works the way it is noted in dnd rules, it divides the caster level * d6 (max 20) into 4 seeds so at best each seed will do 5d6 damage. I was tempted to grant each seed undivided damage, but wasn’t sure how balanced it would be. Right now both fire seeds and goodberries doesn’t disappear after rest so it is possible to stock up and even give them to other players (but both items are set to plot/stolen to prevent selling). I should probably make them disappear don’t you think?

Ranger HIPS has small delay on removal/add real HIPS when entering areas. Treat as known bug, will need new nwnx feature to improve this.


I’m going to test 2.9 when I can, but while playing with 2.8 I noticed something that I’m surprised I never did before.

  • Practiced Spellcaster and Arcane Trickster don’t add to Caster Level for the purposes of Spell Penetration, even though they properly add to Caster Level and spell DC elsewhere according to the combat log and debug log.

I.E, a Rogue 10/Wizard 5/Arcane Trickster 2 with Practiced Spellcaster (Wizard) only has a Spell Penetration of 5, even though their actual Caster Level counts as 11.

I should probably try to figure out if any of the other classes/feats fail to add to Spell Penetration when I have the chance.


This is weird. I just tested this and it worked as expected. What module is this? Couldn’t there be some modified spellscript in module that takes precedence over community patch ? (but then it should also affect damage as neither caster level would be count properly - no matter what debug messages says)

Besides this the only thing that comes to my mind is that you forgot run it with NWNCX.

Maybe send savegame, my wiz 6 rog 4 arcane trickster 30 had no problems casting spells vs 32SR from item/monk.