Pre-painted and/or precisely drawn triggers?

NWN1 Aurora toolset.

I’ve invested a considerable amount of effort in drawing precisely-sized/shaped triggers, and it’s been exhausting. :sleeping:

Is there any way to store a painted trigger in the palette? (Preferred solution.) Alternatively, is there a way to enable the equivalent of snap-to-grid when drawing triggers?


no (unless it is a new feature of latest EE version that crashes for me), but you can copy&paste existing triggers. However copypasted triggers tends to “appear” at higher Z sometimes…

If you need to copy an instance many times to locations you know precisely, I imagine it could be done using moneo. That gives you access to all the node coordinates of the trigger - see file format:
Whether that is any easier than manual placement, I’m not sure.

Moneo is great but when you are dealing with encounters and triggers, it is counterproductive most of the times especially because these two cases has no examples you can base your code of. It always depends on how many areas is still supposed to be performed, or how many objects in one area. Furthermroe if the goal is to place square shaped triggers into bunch of areas on positions of builder choosing I cannot imagine how would moneo help here. I suppose it would be doable, but good luck with figuring out what is the trigger position regarding to area rotation and what edge you need to repait it from. Impossible imo.

BTW I needed to make 2 encounters on exact same coords once and I just manually edited the area file in GFF editor and do that there. That took me about 30 seconds, but without understanding of GFF files, ffile ields, lists and more this is not any easier task either.

Well, is there any way to increase the precision of the display of the XY position of the cursor, which is shown in the lower left margin? At the moment it appears the position is only shown in whole numbers; if I could persuade the toolset it to reveal two decimal places I would probably be content, lacking alternatives.


neither, you can increase position precision via GFF editing as I added in the end of my post

simply find the *.git file in modules/temp0 and open it with GFFEditor.exe in utils folder (not sure if EE version has it, if not get it from vault).


You need the .git file for objects painted in the area though :slight_smile:

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