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I am in the process of tidying my player AI control system for The Scroll. To make things clearer when AI is on or off (with respect to each PC the player controls) and to this end am adopting a green “AI” icon that sits beside the PC portrait like a spell effect indicator when the AI is “ON” for that PC.

Here are my questions with respect to preferences (assuming they like the idea at all):-

  1. Would players like to see the alternative red AI to represent “OFF” as well as its ON counterpart, so that every PC has a definitive AI icon next to it at all times? (Although see next question.)

  2. Would players only prefer to see any such indication when the turn-based system is turned on or all the time?

Thanks in advance.

At the moment, I am edging towards only having the icons show if the TB system is active, and then only indicating a positive AI on icon. (i.e. No negative confirmation.)

EDIT: I am going to try to add the facility to right-click toggle AI on a PC.

Note that there are color blind people out there that won’t be able to see the green hue, so multiple clues would probably be better.


Funny enough, I am colour blind, which explains why my colours sometimes appear “strange”. For instance, I thought I had used black text on yellow circle. When I showed my wife the code in action, she said the green looked good. I had not realised it was green. :smile:

So, from a colour blind person’s persepective, I think I probably have used a “reasonable” colour here, but am open to any other colour blind types raising further comments. However, it was also because of my colour blindness that I avoided the red (AI off option) as I can struggle with that sometimes.

Another example I have struggled with: Apparently, some of the skills are written in “blue” text (in the level up section if I recall correctly), but I only ever see white text! :blush:

So, I very much appreciate you raising this awareness, and I hope I have picked “reasonably” here.


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I guess I’ll go with the icon when the system is active, no icon when it’s off. In addition to being seen easily by color blind players, it’s also the same principle for buffs or curses: icon present = the character’s abilities are modified, no icon = characteristics are normal.