Pregnant models

@4760 – hello. I wanted to use one of your pregnant female models for a refugee, but I ran into an issue with skin showing through the dress:

I’m not sure why; the model seems fine in Blender. Perhaps it is coming from the head part?

Also, there are texture files in the override file that aren’t in the hak, but I was able to resolve that.


That’s very likely, as I only changed the belly area. Do you remember which head number you used?

The Appearance (Head) is set to ‘6’.

If I might suggest something; mirroring the texture on the back of the model would make the side seams match up better. (Or I could just flip it on the texture map.)

Model 06 (number 05 in the toolset) is indeed worth redoing.
In addition to the neck area which is slightly off, there are some parts on the side that need smoothing. I’m working on it, I’ll upload the fixed body on the main page when done (but will post here so you know).


Suggestion approved, UV map enhanced (as well as the tint map, and the normal map [I had to remove the transparency to have the skin tone match better the head]).

Fixed version available here.

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That seemed to do the trick.

Thank you for your help once again!

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