Pretty Nasty Toolset Problem/ Freezing/Crashing/Not Loading Areas, Help!

Okay so I’ve been working in my module for some good time now, probably about a year. I’ve been working consistently to get it done, eager to release it. And it’s really coming along quite well, it’s been a ton of fun to build. But I seem to be having this pretty crippling issue. Sometimes when I try to click into my areas to edit them more, the toolset just crashes, and then will do so every time I try to enter it after that, leaving me totally unable to work on the area anymore. Almost like the area became corrupt somehow, and will no longer load. This has happened to a few pretty essential areas in my module, and I keep having to recreate them! At this rate, the module will never be finished. I need a solution if I ever hope to release this game. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

That IS nasty. I would hate to have to recreate entire areas. I have not experienced this sort of bug, but here are a couple things you might want to consider. You’ve probably already checked this, but just to be sure…

  • Does the toolset offer to load the back-up module when you first re-start it after it crashes? Is the back-up corrupted or non-existent?

  • Do all areas that have been affected by this use the same tileset? If so, is it a custom tileset? Perhaps there is a bad tile or something.

  • If not tileset, do all affected areas have something else in common? Perhaps a custom placeable or some other custom asset being placed in these areas is the culprit.

  • It’s probably not the scripts. If scripts crash the toolset, it typically happens on compile, not area load. If there was a problem with the AreaOnEnter event script it could crash the game easily enough, but wouldn’t crash the toolset when opening an area.

Yes, it crashes from time to time when I do certain things, and it offers to load the backup. I have 3 backup files for the game actually, cause I know things like this are probably gonna happen. Sometimes, the file will become corrupt out of the blue, and I can’t test play it. It’s times like these I’m glad I made the backup. So I’ll just load one of em up and it’s ok again, but usually some of my work is gone lol. Unfortunately, all of my backup files contain frozen areas like I mentioned, and they happen to be some pretty essential areas lol. So I guess Ill just have to rebuild them, which is ok, but I hope it doesn’t happen to any more of my areas! lol.

I should mention that it is kind of a big module. There is lot of areas, and the whole spectrum of encounter possibilities. I’m trying to give it a nice long storyline as well. So I wonder if it has anything to do with the size of my module? I’m basically trying to build something like a Ravenloft style Baldurs Gate size adventure, with respawning treasure, encounters, and all scaled to level! I know it’s gonna be a total blast if I can just finish it. It’s going pretty well so far, and I’ve learned a lot of things! I’ve thought a little bit about it, and I might have to scale this module down just a little bit, create another module for Chapter 2, and link them together. Each chapter of the game its own module. Maybe I can still work around this issue lol.

And no, it happens in different sorts of areas. I’ve had caverns freeze up just like forests, etc. I really have no idea what could be causing it.

Hm, no clue. Hopefully someone else will chime in that can be of more help.

What haks are you using?

I have some very good news. It turns out that my areas are fine. It’s just that my module is getting bigger, and some areas are taking a lot longer to load than they used to. I just thought that they had frozen because they had never taken that long to load before, and if I click anything else while they’re loading, the toolset will actually crash and i’ll have to reload it. So it turns out I just have to wait a few minutes and they will eventually load in lol. No big deal. So now that everything is coming together nicely, there is really only a few things that my module still needs. It is a persistent world, so the main thing i’m after next is a good treasure respawn system. Anyone know anything pertaining to that?

If you’re running 1.69 (not EE), have you tried NWNTX?

In my experience, that tweak to the toolset speeds up area loading (and many other things) considerably.

You do need to back up nwntoolset.exe before installing it, just in case.

I’m no expert on treasure respawns, but I’m sure plenty of folk around here are.